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My Birthday In Pictures

19 January 2014

I turned 21 on Friday, which was both very daunting, and very exciting. I don't like making a fuss, so I planned to just go into town with my friend in the afternoon, then have a couple of cheeky lemonades with my friends at the pub. Little did I know there were a few little surprises in store...

First off, I came downstairs in the morning to find that mum and dad had decorated the living room with some balloons and banners, which would've probably had more of an effect if I wasn't still half-asleep, dragging my feet across the floor, with no glasses on. Let's just say it took me walking into one of the balloons for it to register. It was lovely though, and it's all still up, and will probably stay up for days to come.

Insert picture of me when I was about 2. I was actually kind of cute, what happened?

Mum opted for the now-traditional massive card, and I opened my cards and presents. Most of my presents were money-based, which was lovely, as it's going to go towards me seeing a few people live this year, wooo!

I wanted to pop into town to grab a couple of bits, and my friend Daniel came too - we spent a couple of hours going round the shops, looking for said items, which I couldn't find, and ended up having a cheeky Starbucks.

I treated myself to some lollies, because why not?

Dad came home from work, just after I got back, with this amazing cake. It's massive too, seriously, it's like the size of my face. I really love the look of campervans, as you may have guessed by now, and yellow's my favourite colour, so it was just perfect.

Look at the detail though.

I got to the pub later on, to find that some people were already there, and the function room was free, so we spent most of the night in there. Billy and Sara had already asked if we could use it beforehand, which was lovely, and they bought a couple of balloons and a cake, which I wasn't expecting at all. They also bought me some amazing presents, as did Kirstie, and I felt very special if I'm honest. 

This was the cake - nom, right?

Correct, nom.

These were the balloons, one of which I lost in a traumatic hedge-related incident on my way home, which sucked - but look how amazing...

I got enough chocolate to last me a few weeks, plus I haven't had Seggsations in what feels like years.

The Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits album was supposed to be a bit of a joke, but I genuinely really appreciated it haha, and the £25 iTunes gift card was a BIG surprise - I nearly cried. I didn't, but I probably could've.

They also got me a really nice photo frame, which is another kick up the arse to print some pictures and fill my 4 empty photo frames up. Mum and dad got me a big 21 badge, and an L plate for the car I'm getting soon.

Fun fact: the yellow pen lights up when you push down on it. I'm also kind've in love with the Cath Kidston pen Kirstie got me.

Finally, I got some 21 'Mr Smart Arse' stuff, which is both hilariously apt, and highly offensive - how dare you. I'm joking of course, I love them.

There we go, I didn't take many pictures - there was so much going on most of the time, that I didn't even think about getting my iPod out to take some snaps, but I had a great day, thanks everyone!
2 comments on "My Birthday In Pictures"
  1. NO way that was your cake!!? :D

  2. Yup haha, I was so surprised! Still about 1/3 of it left as well...