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My Favourite Blog Posts of January

30 January 2014

This month, I've really been sinking my claws into a whole range of blogs and posts, and a number of right corkers have jumped out at me and been great reads, so I thought I'd do a little round-up and share a few of them with you lovely lot:

I stumbled across this post after someone posted it on Twitter, and it spoke VOLUMES to me as a non-drinker. The reasons I don't drink are pretty 50/50; the taste of about 95% of all alcoholic beverages make me feel nauseous pretty much all night, and quite frankly, I don't want to, but towards the end of the year the idea of 'drinking' felt very prominent in my life, almost dictating when I saw (or didn't see in some cases) my friends, and making me question my ideas of 'fun.' This was a great post for reassurance though, and I will definitely be doing more of what makes me happy.

Myself and Tom have gone down pretty similar paths - being pushed towards university at school, and just going along with it because it was the only thing offered, taking a gap year, and then deciding not to go at all. This is a really great, and really well written post that reassures you that not going to university is okay, and to follow your own dreams instead of those that others want you to.

Another very relatable post for me, to do with jobseeking, and how you can put so much effort in, and get almost nothing back. Whilst I haven't got as far, and gone through as long of an interview process as Jessica has, the hard work part really resonated with me, as this is what I've been doing for the past 5 months - putting together different CVs, cover letters and application forms, only to get barely anything back. It's important to never give up though, and this is another well written post that has given me a couple of much-needed boosts after getting a couple of rejections over the past week.

Bit of a random one, but one thing I really want to do when I'm older is live in the country. With Chelsea's blog I get to live this dream vicariously through her for now. I just, really loved this post, and always look forward to seeing more of these 'country girl' posts.

I'll make no joke that I'm slightly addicted to a few YouTubers at the moment, and this series Freya has started has been done very well, and includes some of my favourites, which is great and has inspired me to share more of my favourite YouTube content in the future!

It wouldn't be a post without Kirstie making an appearance somewhere, haha, and it's always encouraging to see someone prepare to commit to losing weight, eating healthier or boosting their fitness, or even just give it a go. It's even a boost for me to continue, so as a wiseman once said to me - 'We're all in this together.'

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me in your post, how lovely :) So glad that you found reassurance in my blog and I'll look forward to reading your other discoveries! :) x