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My Mini New Years Resolutions

06 January 2014
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I realised that I'd forgotten to finish my 'Happy New Year' post, so, better late than never, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good night, and your first few days of 2014 have started off well. I saw the New Year in with some friends at our local pub, got in about half 4, woke up at lunchtime to the smell of gammon, and ate said gammon - lush. Also, so far in 2014, I have found a £20 note in an old wallet, had a great day at Westfield, watched Frozen and spent time with my friends and family, so it's going pretty well. Anyhoo...

One thing that makes me shudder when it comes to the new year, is the whole 'New Year, New Me' type statuses you see, and in the past I've never really made resolutions - if there was something I wanted to change, I'd just change it from that day and ease my way in, instead of doing something cold turkey because I had to. Towards the end of 2013 though, I'd slipped into a little lull of anxiety, overthinking things and a general negative attitude towards everything. There were general dramas and things going on in my life that contributed to that, obviously I won't go into that, but it just so happens that my road back to happiness coincides with the new year - so I've set myself a lot of few little resolutions to ensure that 2014 kicks 2013's flat, little butt.

Stop Holding Back

I started holding things like my emotions and even, at times, personality back, so none of that please, Rob.

Blog Less Of More

I've had my blog for nearly 6 months now; I'm really proud of most of my posts, and the layout and everything, but one thing I want to work on is ensuring that everything is quality > quantity, and making sure that something is perfect before I post it, instead of rushing or just not doing it justice.

Stick To My 'Good Things That Happened In 2014' Tin

Last year, I devised a memory board, but it got a bit hard to find things to put on it, and it soon just came to a standstill, so I thought I'd do one better this year. I found an old tin, and some coloured paper, and started writing all of the good things that had happened so far in 2014, folding them up and putting them in the tin. When 2014 ends, I can then return to the tin and relive the memories, or even use them as a perker-upper if I'm feeling low at all.

Continue Drinking More Squash / Eating Fruit & Other Good Stuff

I've been quite good with my healthy eating, and re-introduced fruit into my life over the summer, which was great. I've also cut back on a lot, which I knew would be the hardest part, so now it's time to add even better foods into my diet, and potentially get rid of Faturday (my day off.) I drank a lot of squash whilst I was ill, and it made me feel quite clean inside, and not just empty like water makes me feel, so I'm aiming to drink a good 2-3 litres a day. Baby steps though.

Watch More Films

This is all probably going to sound ridiculous, but, I don't really watch films by choice. I really have to be in the mood. If there's a group outing to the cinema, I'll go if the film looks somewhat good, but I never go and source films for myself, they just don't seem to interest me. I also can't justify spending a tenner on something I don't know I'll like. This year though, I want to make more of an effort, and so far I've watched Shallow Hal, which was on Viva one night, and Frozen - one was good and the other was really flippin' good, I'll let you guess what applies to each one. 

I doubt it'll mean me going to the cinema regularly, but maybe lingering around Film4 and the bargain sections of Tesco/HMV to see what I can find. This is hardly top priority though, so I wouldn't be too annoyed if this isn't something I stick with.

Constantly Find New Music

On the flipside, I love music. I'd rather spend an hour and a half listening to music, than watching a film, and with the current charts being stale and unexciting, I was able to push myself to find brand new artists, and those who aren't as commercial, which has bumped up my love of music again. I want to continue to find new people, and beef up my iTunes library - I've spent quite a bit of time on Spotify discovering new artists, and then clicking on the related artists and so on... it's great. I'm aiming to do this one for sure, and then share my findings with you all.

See More Of The UK

There are towns and cities in the UK which I really want to visit, especially the coastal regions, so I want to take a few day trips, hopefully with a couple of friends, and also revisit Cornwall, as I haven't been in literally years.

Not Let My Room Get So Messy

Sometimes I pile things on top of piles and it gets a bit uncontrollable after about a week or two, so the plan is just to try and stop that happening a bit.

See More 'Live' Things

At the start of last year, I was ready to do this. I'd already got tickets for Girls Aloud and The Script in March, and I was hoping it would be the start of a year of gigs and live shows, but alas it was not. We saw 'The Book of Mormon' in the summer as well, which was amazing - I really want to see it again, but that was about it. This year, I've already got tickets for Sarah Millican in March, McBusted in April, and my friend and I are planning on hopefully seeing Little Mix in May. I'm going to be regularly checking the theatres/arenas in London and trying to find people to go with - fingers crossed.

Do Nice Things For People

Says it in the title really. I want to treat my friends and family, let them know that I appreciate them, and hopefully do some random acts of kindness for strangers too. I'm hoping Kirstie (off of KirstieKins you should know her by now) will join me in this quest, and maybe some of you fellow bloggers too, which leads me to my final point.

Meet Other Bloggers

There are some blogs I read where I jjust sit back and think... I'd LOVE to meet you, and I'm aiming to join in more #lbloggers chats in the future, to find new friends and bloggers to chat with.

That should be everything. I'll be sure to keep you updated every now and then - it seems like a lot, but then it seems quite exciting, so wish me luck! What are your resolutions for 2014?
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