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Nine New-ish Nuggets 06/01/14

06 January 2014

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many 'Nine New-ish Nuggets,' where I'll be sharing 9 new tracks I've found over the past week, with you lovely lot. They might not all be brand-new, they might just be new to me, and some may be songs I've found a new love for - hence the use of new-ish. Anyhoo, here are the first set of 9, ready to jump into your ears, and set up camp in your heads...

Foxes - Let Go For Tonight

After gracing the charts, and Debenhams stores across the UK, with her previous effort 'Youth,' Foxes (aka Louisa Allen) has kicked off 2014 with a more uptempo follow-up, 'Let Go For Tonight,' a track that just screams potential chart hit. The colourful video premiered this morning, which sees Foxes and a group of friends having a wild paint fight in a pure white setting... messy.

Karmin - I Want It All

Following the frankly genius 'Acapella,' Karmin's new track 'I Want It All' is a slice of retro disco pop, with an extremely infectious hook. I'm a very big fan of Karmin, so let's hope this is the track that vaults them back up the UK charts.

Pixie Lott - Heart Cry

It's been a few weeks since Pixie Lott made a much-needed return to music, giving us the incredible promotional single 'Heart Cry,' a throwback to Motown, with a modern twist. The whistles are a great addition, the production on Pixie's voice at parts adds an interesting layer and it's got me all excited for her third album. If you could hurry up and release that soon Pixie, that'd be grand.

Girls Aloud x Britney Spears - Something Circus

A random one, now. This is something I found whilst casually browsing YouTube, and these are not two songs I would necessarily mash-up together, but it works, it really works. I won't deny that 'Something New' was my favourite song of 2012, and I won't deny that I find the chorus of this to be pretty damn epic. See for yourself:

Ke$ha - Dirty Love

Ke$ha made her directing debut for 'Dirty Love' last week, throwing herself around a bit, or dancing as you may call it, dancing with drag queens, and being showered in glitter, champagne and confetti. Typical Ke$ha then, but the song may surprise you as she shies away from her party/electronic style and goes for an edgy, rocky full-on track that kind of reminds me of a sexier 'The Gossip.' It's amazing.

Christina Perri - I Believe

She might only be known by some as that chick who had a really good song, and a cool blonde streak in her hair, and then another good song from Twilight which keeps reappearing in the charts, but Christina Perri is back with new material, and after the beautiful 'Human' was premiered late last year, album track 'I Believe' has made it's way onto the internet, and is another amazing piano-led ballad which has got me very excited for her new album.

Hardwell - Dare You (Ft. Matthew Koma)

I saw this on Radio 1's Chart Show last night, after seeing it on the release schedule and not really giving it any time, but it's been climbing up the iTunes chart over the last 36 hours, and after a few listens, it has really grown on me. The lyrics are really good for a song of this type, the drop is brilliant and it'll definitely be making it's way into my iTunes library very soon.

Beyonce - Drunk In Love

Yes, I did listen to Beyonce's new album when it came out. Yes, I was disappointed by all of it, but after seeing 'Drunk In Love' on the TV quite a bit recently, and hearing it on the jukebox a couple of times at the pub, it's really grown on me. It may be the added hilarity of mimicking the chorus, but I'd hope not, and maybe the whole album will grow on me, if I give it a chance. Hmmm.

Idina Menzel - Let It Go

I won't lie to you - after coming out of the cinema after watching Frozen, I was singing this for the rest of the day. I'm not even embarrassed. It sounds Disney, but it also sounds like something Lea Michele would release normally, so it ticks a lot of a boxes. Although I love Demi Lovato, her version is inferior to this for me, but she does have a version of her own if you want to go and check that out, it's a little more guitar-y.

So there we go, if you have any new songs you've been loving at the moment, let me know below! Also, follow me on Twitter if you want more music recommendations and flashbacks, as I plan to do that more often now!

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