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Nine New-ish Nuggets: 13/01/13

13 January 2014

Oh hello something that's turning into a regular Monday feature now. Over the week, I've been listening, loving and collecting new music to share with you lovely lot, and here are my 9 favourites of the bunch...

Katy B - Crying For No Reason

I'm ashamed to admit that I let this song slip under the excitement of Christmas last month, but after revisiting it last week, it's become an instant hit with me. Following the amazing '5AM,' Katy B has poured her heart out into new cut 'Crying For No Reason.' The lyrics really do hit home, and resonate with me, as I'm sure they will for a lot of people, and it's done justice by some great production and a flawless delivery from Katy. I'm calling it - song of the year so far. Bring on the album!

Iggy Azalea - Animal Noise

I was only saying last week that I was in the mood for a new Iggy Azalea song. My luck was in when she posted 'Animal Noise,' a freestyle with Bro Safari, which teams Iggy's signature rapping with a, dare I say, 'sick' beat. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I'm about as urban as a potato peeler, but Iggy seems to be a rare exception, so props to you Miss Kelly, you done good. Seriously though the production is incredible, and it's got me anticipating her debut album (due later this year) even more.

Shakira - Can't Remember To Forget You (Ft. Rihanna)

They've been hyping it up over the past week, watching as the world anticipates and tries to comprehend just how Shakira and Rihanna could blend together, and it turns out - pretty well indeed. The track contrasts a retro ska-ish verse, with a rocky punchy chorus, and whilst the song isn't as instant as you might expect, a few listens and it will be stuck in your head.

Pixie Lott - Nasty

After posting her flippin' amazing promotional single, 'Heart Cry,' last week, Pixie debuted her comeback single on 'The Brits Are Coming,' the Brit Awards' nominations show, and it is quite simply fab. It's sassy, it's catchy and feels like a natural progression for Pixie - good job for securing the song team. There's no HQ studio version of the track at the moment, which sucks, get on it team, but here's her performance from last Wednesday.

Lea Michele - Louder

She released the video to her debut single, 'Cannonball,' last week, and treated us to the stunning 'Battlefield,' but it seems Lea Michele is just the gift that keeps on giving, as she offers us album track 'Louder.' It's far more uptempo than the others, a nice change, and it sounds like it could be incredible in a live setting.

Emily Kopp - When We Fight

This is not a new song, per se - but a new artist I found a few days ago, thank you Twitter. I love her music style, and instantly fell in love with 'When We Fight,' which is accompanied by a pretty adorable video, featuring a young girl and boy playing an adult couple. 

Stine Bramsen - Prototypical

Alphabeat are hands-down one of my favourite groups, ever, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Stine Bramsen, the female lead, is dipping her toes into the solo pond. She debuted a live version of her first single, 'Prototypical,' a couple of days ago, and it just sounds... really, really great. Warning: the chorus is instantly infectious.

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust

Wild Beasts made a much-welcome return to music last week, debuting their latest cut 'Wanderlust,' which sees the group take on a slightly different sound. The video's a bit confusing, let's be honest, there's a lot of running, but, when accompanied by the almost-haunting vocals and synths in the track, it is quite something of a masterpiece.

Paloma Faith - Can't Rely On You

After her last album, 'Fall To Grace' - an album full of powerful, emotional songs - went on to become one of the best albums of 2012, Paloma has switched things up a bit, becoming, quite simply... funkay. 'Can't Rely On You' is a cool, slick track, which feels fresh, and still has that Paloma Faith stamp all over it. Amazing. The video is also very dramatic - go on, give it a watch.


BLAST FROM THE PAST: S Club 7 - Let Me Sleep

I've been feeling a little nostalgic musically, and had a great chat with a friend online about S Club 7, which then lead to searching through old videos and performances on their TV shows. 'Let Me Sleep' is one of my all-time favourite album tracks from the group, alongside 'Stand By You,' 'Dance Dance Dance,' and 'Do It 'Til We Drop' to name a few, but if I posted all of them we'd be here all day, so here's one... and then feel free to go crazy through the related videos.

(I'm also grateful that with certain things dropping during adolescence, I was given a smidgen of a falsetto, so I can actually sing along to this now, instead of just... making whale sounds.)

There goes another week, if you have any music recommendations feel free to let me know in the comments, or on Twitter. Ciao for now.
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