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Feature Walls and Triangles

25 February 2014

I mentioned in my last post that I've been looking at a lot of different ideas for my bedroom, and whilst I started out feeling lost, confused and ready to give up, today I think I've finally found the first piece of my  jigsaw... feature walls.

I'd spent a lot of time on Pinterest, looking at all the home decor items, and just perfectly decorated rooms, and found myself loving the walls with a really colourful, almost obnoxious feature wall. Then as I started looking into feature walls, I got very excited by the triangular patterned ones, and had to refrain from pinning, well, everything.

I did pin some of my favourites though...

With triangles cemented firmly into my mind, I went on to look at triangle patterned items, and spent about half an hour looking at cushion covers and other random things on Etsy, and found myself lusting over all of them. Here's a few more things I pinned...

Now I know I want a more geometric, bright decor (whilst still trying to keep it mature and grown-up, I make things very easy for myself don't I?), it's made the idea of coming up with a colour scheme even harder. If I had my way, and a lot of money, I'd have all of these cushions, but that would be just a tad mental, so the next task is to pick my favourite(s) and go from there - good luck Rob...
1 comment on "Feature Walls and Triangles"
  1. Hi Rob,

    You've got some really good posts this year! I love these geometric prints. I'm redecorating too at the moment, and although I already have feature walls they are super bland, looking for new inspiration so this was awesome, going to look into it more.

    I've also nominated you for the Liebster awards! I don't know if you've already done it but I couldn't find it on your blog so I hope you enjoy it. You can get all the details here