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January Favourites

01 February 2014

So, it's the end of January already - when did that happen? I had a great month, the highlight being turning 21, and getting the cake you can see in the picture above - amazing. Anyway, here is a pretty long post (sorry) featuring my favourite products, songs, food, clothes and shows from the past 31 days. Enjoy!


1. The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter - I'm a little gutted that the Ginger Sparkle scents only pop up at Christmas, but I've got enough to last me a good while yet, which is a relief. You can't go wrong with a Body Shop body butter either...

2. Lynx Apollo Anti-Perspirant - I've been loyal to Lynx for a good 10 years, switching between different scents, but my current favourite is Apollo - I can't really describe the scent but it reminds me of the 'cool' scents of other brands. Nailed it.

3. The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel - It is ridiculously hard to get Strawberry right, it's probably one of the riskiest scents and flavours, but The Body Shop have got it on point. It's sweeter, and I just love it - so much in fact that I had to restrain myself from buying a massive bottle of it for £12 today. The 14 year old in me also finds it funny that in French, it's called gel douche. I know.

4. The Body Shop Coconut Milk Body Lotion - Yup, The Body Shop again. It's quite a recent purchase, but the scent is incredible, and lingers for flipping ages, I want to venture into the coconut body butter and maybe shampoo as we hit the spring/summer months, as the citrus-y scents I love so much just bring all of the flies to me.

5. Garnier Fructis Style Manga Head Putty - This stuff plays a vital role when I'm doing my hair in the morning. If I want to style it properly, I'll put about a marrow-fat-pea size amount in my hair and mess it up a bit, it gives my hair texture, and a less slippery surface to try and style with, when I go in with hairspray.


1. This t-shirt from Jacamo is just brilliant, albeit slightly American in it's theme. It has three blocks of red, grey marl, and navy, and a really cool starry pocket. Definitely my favourite t-shirt at the moment.

2. A close second, is another Jacamo t-shirt, which has a surfer guy on it, all cool and silhouetted, and then an aztec print at the top. Amazing.

3. It's a simple green and white striped t-shirt, but I've found it's surprisingly flattering for my size, even with the stripes. I wore it for Christmas, and I don't usually like green, but this is just fab.

4. Now a Jacamo shirt I bought in the summer, I've found new love for. It's got a really great anchors and wheel print, great white detailing, and again it's pretty flattering - good job.

5. Shock horror - this is not a Jacamo top. I actually got this on eBay, as I was looking for something similar, but this blue Pacman ghost t-shirt has become my pyjama top staple recently. It shrunk a little bit, and has got a bit tighter, so it's been demoted to pyjama top, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Food and Drink

1. Double Lollies - these sherbet delights are just taking over my life at the moment, I'm a little bit addicted.

2. Grapes - when you're aiming for a healthy lifestyle, it's good to find a few fruits you really love, and it seems grapes are my ultimate favourites. I eat them with breakfast, lunch and even as a midnight snack - again, addicted.

3. French Fancies - my favourite treat at the moment are French Fancies. They make me feel a little bit posh, and I'll never stop rooting for the lemon one - the best one... by far.

4. Orange Squash - whenever I drink water, I never really feel clean inside, I just feel empty, but I've started drinking a good 3-4 litres of squash every day. I'll be honest, my bladder hates me for it, but I definitely feel a lot better.

5. Jelly - Another treat, you wouldn't think I was trying to lose weight would you? I've started to really love jelly again, especially orange and lime, it just slides down with ease...


1. Katy B - Crying For No Reason - my favourite song by a country mile at the moment. The lyrics resonate with me a lot, the melodies good, and the production just tops it off.

2. Kylie - Into The Blue - It's more of a generic song for Kylie, but even as I try to be more hipster with my music taste, I can't deny myself a bit of pure pop. It's very catchy, uptempo and a song I may have had on repeat for a good while today.

3. Britney Spears - Alien - Another pop slice, and a song I didn't really think I would like, which has now turned into one of my big faves off of her album. It's midtempo, and is a bit weird, which I love.

4. Paloma Faith - Can't Rely On You - I'd been waiting for a non-Paloma-Faith-ballad for a while, as much as I love them, it's her bigger songs that I really love. This is quite cool and slick, and although it's quite repetitive, it's a great song.

5. Shakira and Rihanna - Can't Remember To Forget You - it hasn't been the hit I think everyone was predicting it to be so far, but I love this ska-rock effort. Shakira is back on form, and Rihanna does stuff too - the video has some roboticly-raunchy moments in it, like Rihanna stroking Shakira's bum and looking at her like she's her next victim, but apart from that, it's good.


1. CBB - no-one can really deny that this series of Celebrity Big Brother was the best yet. It was full of laughs, dramas, dramas and dramas, and the casting could not have been better. My favourite moment was Liz faking a meltdown in the bath, and Luisa's reaction to it - amazing.

2. Tough Young Teachers - as someone who kind of wanted to be a teacher, I jumped at the chance to watch this, and it's safe to say I made a good choice. The teachers are quite likeable, and you find yourself both wanting them to succeed and do well, and secretly hope the kids are terrible to see if they cope.

3. Benidorm - it's so, so ridiculous and I love it. That's all I have to say.

4. Modern Family - I'm loving comedies without studio laughter at the moment, I don't know why, and Modern Family has the kind of quirks and humour that I love. Whilst you don't necessarily laugh out loud, you still come away thinking it's hilarious. At least I do.

5. Parks and Recreation - same as above, but with even more likeable characters. The humour is slightly more obvious in parts, the characters are slightly extreme, and it's brilliant.

So there we go - what have you been loving this month?
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