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My Room's Puberty

14 February 2014

As my 21st birthday approached, I found it really hard coming to terms with the fact that I was going to a be an adult. An actual adult. An actual grown-up adult. I don't really know why; I was starting to make all the steps, like looking for a proper job, looking for my first car, stuff like that, and it was exciting, but I didn't feel 17 let alone 20. I think a big part of this was to do with my surroundings - aka my bedroom.

I'll be the first to say that my room was/is quite immature, in a way. It's full of memories, colours and generally random shit, and it definitely doesn't scream 'ready to make his next step in life,' so I decided to slowly start making some changes. After seeing a couple of brilliant interior inspiration posts on Daydream in Blue, crying over the sheer perfection on Pinterest, and scouring through the Ikea website, I came up with a plan. Nothing too fancy, I'm on a shoe-string budget here, but just a few things to do and buy to help mature the place up a little bit.

So far I've spent the last few months making a few pretty minor changes, that have actually been quite big - it's like in the real puberty when you find your first pubic hair or notice that your boobs are getting bigger...(just me?)


My walls were covered with posters, postcards,canvases and other random paraphernalia that I'd picked up over the years, and whilst the childhood sentiment is nice, I threw a few of them away, put some in a drawer, and made the others look a bit more sophisticated. I took my memories and pinned them on a notice board, and took my favourite postcards and framed them. It's a small thing, but everything looks so much more uniform and organised.


Speaking of organised, I've decluttered, and put things away. Paperwork has gone into folders, drawers or cupboards, whilst the important stuff goes into a little folder I keep on my desk. I also bought a box from The Works to put all of my toiletries in, as they occupy a couple of shelves and then just end up anywhere and everywhere, and I dare say it's worked so far.


Finally, my bedding, probably the most important one, as I used to flip flop between the most boring shade of blue bedding, and a Family Guy themed bedding. I know. I bought a nice, bright, still-colourful-but-in-a-trendy-pattern-form, which you may see in the picture at the top, and I will probably go on to base my colour scheme around it, as it looks like the perfect colour scheme.

The Future?

In the coming months, I'm hoping to paint my walls, and change them from the most obnoxiously bright blue to a light grey and teal combo. I also want to paint my furniture so everything matches, and put some shelving in. I've also found some really nice prints on Etsy that I may invest in too, but who knows yet? I certainly don't. 'Tis the joy of puberty... the unexpected.
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