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Nine New-ish Nuggets: 10/02/2014

10 February 2014

A fortnight has passed - time for another batch of nine amazing new-ish tracks (and a cheeky flashback?) Sure...

Lauren Aquilina - Lovers Or Liars

Bourbon-enthusiast-turned-Island-Records-newbie Lauren Aquilina premiered the powerful lead track, 'Lovers or Liars,' from her upcoming EP 'Liars' last night, and it is just stunning. Teamed with a beautiful video, set in Glencoe, full of powerful imagery and nostalgia as she refers back to her previous efforts 'Fools' and 'Sinners' via keys and water, it's the perfect end to the trilogy. It's almost a tragedy that we have to wait 28 days for the full EP, but I think this, and some pretty damn courageous determination will keep me going for now. Just. *repeats forever*


Katy B - Next Thing

After the amazing '5AM' and 'Crying For No Reason' settled camp in my 'Songs That Rob Played On Repeat Far Too Much But Didn't Get Sick Of' Hall Of Fame, my anticipation for Katy B's sophomore album 'Little Red,' was through the roof. Opening track 'Next Thing,' has already caught my attention and become one of the stand-out tracks - the production is ace, and it's safe to say that Miss B can write a flippin' good pop hook. Future single please~

(Be sure to check back tomorrow or Wednesday for my full review of 'Little Red')

Lily Allen - L8 CMMR

You may not be able to tell this from a first impression, but in a nutshell - it's a love song. It's a love song seasoned with Lily Allen's ironic humour and lyrical grace, that not only says she loves her 'bad motherfucker,' but 'you can't have him.' Okay Lily, you don't have to tell us twice. Also note the genius lyric 'He can bring it, bring it all day long / All over my lemon wong' *adds wong to dictionary*

Iggy Azalea - Fancy (Ft. Charli XCX)

A song combining Iggy Azalea's rapping, and Charli XCX's incredible chorus writing sounds amazing, right? Right. 'Fancy' is the latest single to come from Iggy's forever-delayed debut album 'The New Classic,' which is set to be released in April, and is the finished product of leaked demo 'Leave It.' The chorus is instant and infectious, and the recurrent mini-mission to learn Iggy's part will be worth it yet again.

Klaxons - There Is No Other Time

Last week, the Klaxons lads finally returned to the music scene, after 4 years, with the amazing 'There Is No Other Time,' which feels like a natural progression from the bands earlier stuff, with a bit of a retro throwback. It may scream current, but it also screams enough Klaxons to make you forget that it's current, and it's definitely got me excited for the new album.

Allie X - Catch

If you're into not-too-dramatic-and-slightly-erratic electro tracks, then this is perfect for you. As far as introductory tracks go, this is ace, good job Allie. It's available as a free download, so be sure to check it out!

Armand Van Helden & Herve - Power of Bass

From the land of Ministry of Sound this fortnight, comes this slice of dance that I've had on repeat whilst writing the majority of this post to keep me... pumped... yeah, pumped. It's a little messy, but that only adds to its' charm.

Show N Prove - If Only (Ft. Shakka)

All I can say is - tune. It's not heavy in production, but is still pretty big. Yeah, tune.

Neneh Cherry - Out Of The Black (Ft. Robyn)

Last, but not least, actual Neneh Cherry has made a track with actual Robyn.The result? Something pretty damn cool. It's quite simple, just 5 minutes of easy listening, but great nonetheless.

GOLDEN OLDIE: Nadine - Insatiable

Nadine Coyle has only gone and had a daughter (congrats!), so in honour of the new starchild, let's take a look at Nadine's last baby. Please note: 1) the leg kick during the second chorus, 2) the emerging through the rain, and 3) ... insatiable.

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