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REVIEW: Camp Takota

20 February 2014
As an avid fan of YouTube's Holy Trinity (Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart,) I was very excited to hear back in August that the trio were going to make a movie. Grace took us behind the scenes of the filming every day on her old channel, Dailygrace, and for the past 6 months, whilst the film has been in production, we've been treated with trailers, teasers, references and other special little treats to remind us that it was actually happening. Our girls were making a movie. The magic happened on Valentine's Day, as the film came out and, well... cue a shitload of fangirling.

Co-written by Mamrie Hart, the beginning of 'Camp Takota' is loosely based on her own experiences of running away to camp when her life went a bit tits-up. Elise (Grace) has a stressful but stable job, and is getting married in a couple of weeks, but it all falls apart in the space of a morning, so she gets drunk, and decides to run off to her old camp to be a councillor. There she meets her old camp friends Allison (Hannah) and Maxine (Mamrie) who have never really left. Cue Elise's hilarious initial struggles as a councillor, a new love interest, and a plot to save the financially strained camp from being taken over by pro-technology rich guy and all-round dick, Jared.

It's definitely more than just an extended YouTube video for the trio, they're actually acting, and acting well I may add. The characters do have some of the charming features of their respective actors, which makes it all the harder to watch later in the film as the three come into conflict with each other. No spoilers, don't worry. There are a couple of subtle nods to Allison's sexuality, without it becoming a clichéd storyline, as you may originally expect from a film of this kind, Grace's lovable awkward nature also shines through in Elise at points, whilst Maxine has the strength and quick-wit of Mamrie - making the characters a good 69% better.

The supporting cast are plentiful and effective, as we meet some amazing characters such as Chet, the camp's handyman, who is just hilarious, Penny, the first young girl we meet, who may be the most adorable 6 year old ever, and of course Jared, the 'evil' camp owner's son, whose theatrical nature and sassiness is both weird and brilliant.

The film also plays host to some incredible filming; the cutaways between scenes are shot beautifully, the camp set was built exquisitely, and the montages are edited together brilliantly. Notice I'm running out of positive adjectives, haha. Also, props to the costumes... person, as I desperately want a camp t-shirt...

The true highlights of the movie are the little hilarious moments that you'll end up referencing and quoting, well, forever. As the group-titled 'funniest one of the group,' Mamrie Hart handles Maxine's one-liners and general funny moments very well, from 'I just straight up slapped an elderly woman' to 'it's a side pony and it's a classic thank you,' to her trying to recite the camp song whilst intoxicated. I'm also willing to join Camp Takota just for the Lady Gaga Ice Cream Social, and Katy Perry Kayak Jam...

Overall, Camp Takota's full of laughs, a few tears, and leaves you with a warm feeling inside, which goes very well with the ridiculously amazing 'Camp It Up' song the girls recorded for the credits, and you can actually buy on iTunes. I'd give Camp Takota a good 9/10, and recommend that you all see it, it's only £4.99 on iTunes! Well done girls, and everyone else involved, you're all gilliant.

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