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REVIEW: Katy B - Little Red

17 February 2014
Welcome to the start of the 2014 'series,' if you will, of album reviews. *a party popper goes off in the distance* The leaderboard from last year has been wiped clean, ready for 2014's batch of incredible albums, although it sucks a little that we've had to wait 5 weeks for anything good to come out - it doesn't matter though because I'm starting with a corker...

Katy B dived into the music scene back in 2010 with her very impressive debut, 'On A Mission.' She brought something fresh to the mainstream charts - a dance-influenced underground sound that felt club-ready and a step ahead of the game. Whilst many dread falling victim to the second album sydrome, which sees many successful artists under-performing and coming out with a disappointing follow-up, Katy has come out fighting for 'Little Red.' She's taken the sound that she perfected on her debut, refined it, and brought it forward to 2014, almost acting as a life support for the dance genre, which seems to have lost its originality over the years. Katy's made it cool again.

It's far more than just a forward-thinking dance record though; Katy's honest and heartbreaking lyrics are what make the album, something evident in the amazing 'Emotions' and her latest single 'Crying For No Reason,' - a song which has fast-become my favourite of the year so far. Props to you Miss B. There are quite a few other potential hits on the album, including opening track 'Next Thing,' so she's spoilt for choice for singles, but there are a couple of tracks that do pass you by and are a little forgettable, which in this day and age is regular for an album, so no real damage done there.

A few last things to point out from the album are the genius collaboration with Jessie Ware, the immense production across the album, and the fact that the Deluxe tracks are just as strong, nay sometimes stronger, than the Standard ones. Here are my track-by-track ratings:

1. Next Thing 9.3/10
2. 5AM 9.5/10
3. Aaliyah (Ft. Jessie Ware) 8.8/10
4. Crying For No Reason 9.9/10
5. I Like You 8.3/10
6. All My Lovin' 8.6/10
7. Tumbling Down 7.2/10
8. Everything 7.4/10
9. Play (Ft. Sampha) 6.5/10
10. Sapphire Blue 7.7/10
11. Emotions 9/10
12. Still 8.5/10
13. Blue Eyes 6.8/10
14. Stay Down 7.8/10
15. Hot Like Fire 8.4/10
16. Wicked Love 7.9/10
17. Sky's The Limit 8.2/10

Overall: 8.22/10

^ Just noticed my fail there, oops.
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