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Guest Post: @CLHaden's Life In Music

08 March 2014
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Hey guys and dolls, I'm Chelsea. Rob and me decided to get out of our comfort zones and write something we don't usually. His topic for me was music.

 I'm very picky when it comes to what my brain listens to! That means music wise, I opt for things with no lyrics and if it does have lyrics then, they have to be upbeat and positive. As I'm growing up, I'm learning that we do become, what we're paying attention to mostly.


 Growing up as a 90's child, meant my first ever tape (I know some of you will have to Google that) was of the Spice Girls bought by my dad. I grew up with lots of 'zig-zig-ahhs' and girl power. And it really did shape who I later became to be!

 Early Teens

 Enter the phase 'I invented this first'. Every teenager goes through this phase of wearing clothes their peers before wore, thinking that they invented eye make-up and anyone past 21 is old. I grew up in a very ethnic community and hello the noughties RnB / rap scene where I was in love with people like R Kelly and Chingy, oh and Nelly.

 Late Teens

 I suppose my later teens were not conventional as I was home schooled and was among adults most of the time. Thanks to my then best 30 something year old friend's boyfriend I was introduced to a band called Zero7.

 Early Adulthood

 Nowadays, I am hugely into anything with a 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's vibe. I love electro swing which I guess is in the form of a band called Parov Stelar. I only recently discovered this band courtesy of my ex. If anything good came out of our 'relationship' it was this


 And If I'm pushed to pick a most recent song, it would have to be by Pharrell Williams and his happy song. I could have this on all day, every day!

Guilty Pleasure

 My ultimate guilty pleasure would be Tina Turner (although not so guilty, when you see her awesome legs!)

 It really is such a challenge to narrow down my favourite songs, especially once I started writing this. I would love to give Massive Attack (Angel) , Fleetwood Mac (Rumours album) and a bit of Beyonce (Crazy In Love) a mention too.

 I hope you enjoy my playlist!

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