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The Liebster Award! (x2)

28 March 2014
I was nominated by the lovely Thea from TheasThinkings and Nichole from UpbeatUplifts for the Liebster Award - thanks girls!

From what I've seen, it's an award passed from new-ish blogger to new-ish blogger, to find, discover and meet other newbies and learn more about them. You answer 11 questions, given by your nominator, write 11 questions yourself, and nominate up to 11 people with under 200 followers to pass the award onto. I'm going to answer both sets of questions in this post, so get ready to learn even more about my occasionally interesting self!

Just a little disclaimer: it's a long'un, sorry!

Questions from Nichole

1) What has surprised you most about blogging so far?

It's definitely how into it, and then how out of it you can get. There were points I was writing 3 or 4 posts a day, and had to schedule them to make sure I wasn't just spamming, and there were other points, like this month, where you find yourself so preoccupied or tired that you just can't do it.

2) Where is your favorite place to eat out?

I love The Harvester. It's just... perfect. The food is pretty reasonably priced, and of a very good quality, there's something for everyone, and they're always so aesthetically pleasing, inside and out. Also, that salad bar though.

3) What do you hope to be doing a few years down the road?

I'd hope to be in a job I enjoy, and would continue to enjoy for years, and maybe even have an idea of what I want to do at university, finally. I'd also like to still be blogging, have good photography skills, and just generally be happy and healthy.

4) If you could move anywhere where would it be?

Somewhere by the sea, it's just so relaxing.

5) Do you have a certain fashion style?

I'm a big lad, so it sits somewhere between 'Things I Find Cool' and 'Things That Fit Me and I Feel Comfortable In.' The majority of my wardrobe at the moment is just a bunch of cool t-shirts I liked, that were a bit more than just white, blue or stripy, and I'm looking forward to clash colours in the summer, so . I've got some really bright shorts from last year, which I can't wait to pair with loud t-shirts. Fashion icon, me.

6) Who inspires you?

My dad inspires me a lot because he's one of those people who can just seem to do anything. He always knows what he's doing, and helps everyone out if they need their garden doing, or wallpapering done, or mum's hair dyeing. I'm not even joking, haha. A lot of people who've been in the public eye, either through music, TV or YouTube, who've been through awful journeys and come out of them better people - they really inspire me and keep me motivated. Also, my friends - it sounds soppy but just surrounding yourself with the right people can inspire you to do anything.

7) What is your go-to beauty product?

I feel like my hair does wonders for me. If I'm not looking too great, or if my choice of clothing is a bit shit, I find that doing my hair nicely makes all of that go away. Plus it makes me look even taller. So... probably styling putty and hairspray.

8) Do you have an ideal date night?

A nice dinner or a night in watching films sounds perfect to be honest.

9) What is your favorite childhood memory?

I can't really remember a lot of my childhood, but one thing always sticks out to me, and it was from when I was about 7 or 8. Me and a couple of friends decided to form a group, CJR, and wrote a very, very simple song, which our teacher nearly made us perform. It didn't last very long, plus by the time I was 10, they'd both left the school, which sucks. I also remember vividly a conversation we all had on my birthday one year, and we were talking about Pokemon and stuff, and I said to that I really didn't like it, or Dragonball Z, or anything like that. When it came to present time, I got 3 sets of Dragonball Z stationery and felt like the worst  kind of person. 

10) If you have a bad day is there something/someone who cheers you up?

If I'm at home I'll usually watch some of my favourite YouTubers, or see who's on Skype. If it's early in the day, I'll see if a couple of people I know aren't working or anything are free to go out or come round. Sometimes I find a really powerful music session helps as well, either listening to power ballads to get the badness out, or fun pop music to just generally cheer up.

11) Why do you blog?

It's just to talk about things I love, really. There's some things that a lot of my friends don't really share an interest in, especially music, so this way I can still talk about it, but no-one really has to pretend to care - sorted. It's also great to have your own proper part of the internet, that you can literally put anything you want on.

Thea's Questions

1) Where/How/When do you find your blogging inspiration?

It comes quite randomly, sometimes I look at a list of ideas I have and think yup - I'm going to do that one, or something will just jump out at me that makes me want to write about it instantly.

2) What is your best quality?

I'd like to think I was pretty creative, and had a wide imagination. I write a lot, make graphics and generally live in fantasy about 50% of the time.

3) What did you want to be as a child?

I really wanted to be a maths teacher from the age of about 5, until the summer of 2013. When I was younger I used to practice with my nan, and I had one of those A1 pieces of card from WHSmith which I covered in that sticky plastic stuff, to create a whiteboard, and I'd teach her maths, and whatever French I'd learnt that week.

4) Name one fashion mistake you made in the past and regret.

I used to wear ankle socks to school, because I didn't like long socks. Pair this with the fact I grew quite quickly, and my trousers would become a bit too short, it just didn't look great - although that's the fashion now, for some reason.

5) Describe a happy memory from your past.

Visiting Cornwall every year was lovely. The bungalow we used to rent every year was connected to a field, which would have 3 horses running around, and we'd go outside and feed them polos and things over the fence. Plus it was a 10 minute walk to the beach, perfect.

6) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and what would your house look like?

Like I said before, somewhere near the beach. I'd want something kind of clean and white on the exterior, and modern inside. I could spend days talking about how I want my house to look

7) What blog post are you most proud of to date?

I'm really proud of my anxiety posts, as I didn't think I'd be able to write them, let alone publish them.

8) What snack could you not live without?

This is hard because I'm actually living without it, because I've given up chocolate for lent, but those Cadbury fudge bars. Also, flapjacks.

9) Best book you’ve read or movie you’ve seen recently?

Frozen, without a shadow of a doubt.

10) What is your absolute pet peeve?

When people are ignorant or intentionally rude.

11) If you could go back in time, what era would you live in?

The 70s. I want an afro.


So, there we go! Thanks again for nominating me Nichole and Thea. I nominate:

Kirstie from KirstieKinsBlogs
Chelsea from LovingLifeInWellies
Vicki from VikiHert
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Melody from ASimpleMelody

to answer the follow questions:

1) What is going to make 2014 great for you?
2) If you won a million pound, what's the first thing you would buy?
3) If you could go 5 years back in time, what one thing would you tell your younger self?
4) What is your spirit animal?
5) What was the last thing you learnt about yourself?
6) What is your biggest passion?
7) Who is your favourite music artist/group at the moment?
8) Do you have any hidden talents?
9) What is your biggest blog pet peeve?
10) Do you have any life mottos?
11) As there's so much focus on the number 11, describe yourself in 11 words.
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  1. haha a lot of questions! I love that your Dad inspires you. To have such a good role model close to home is such a gift!

    Loved reading your answers too it's great to learn more about the people behind the blog :)