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Little Mix At The O2 Arena

29 May 2014

On Sunday, my friend and I took a trip to The O2 to see Little Mix live. The 4 girls, who were put together on The X Factor nearly 3 years ago, were embarking on their first ever arena tour, and we were lucky enough to get tickets. Cue fangirling and 'can't even's.

I'll be honest, I seem to have acquired a fear of heights since we sat 2 rows from the back of the arena for McBusted, and to be so high up again was quite the dragon for me to slay, but once the support acts and everything got underway I forgot all about it and had a pretty damn good time.

The first support act, Harvey, was a 15 year old lad who started off with a cover of 5 Seconds Of Summer's 'She Looks So Perfect.' He was pretty good, had a decent voice, I hope he finds success. The next act, NVS, consisting of 3 boys and 2 girls, gave me mixed messages. They went from a very in-your-face club banger to something a bit more urban and then an acoustic medley of The Wanted, One Direction and JLS. I was confused. I liked it. I was a bit thirsty. I was just waiting for Little Mix to come on by this point to be honest.

Next up were M.O. who were a new and upcoming girl group, who were genuinely very good. What I forgot to mention was whilst everyone was performing, the attention was taken away by the massive curtain behind them with a rather epic picture on, which I'll link to here. I'll disclaim now, that I didn't take any pictures due to the first two's awful quality, but I did take a few videos, which I Instagram'd and will start to embed from about... now.

The main show started with a slightly tribal/warrior build up, which led into title track 'Salute.' An obvious opener; it's the new single, the first track on the album, it sets the theme of the show, and it's frankly epic. The whole setlist was put together well, although there were a couple of tracks left off that felt like a knife through my heart. 'These Four Walls' you'll get your moment, I promise. Even so, all of the upbeat numbers were teamed with quite heavy, complex choreography, and whilst the girls did leave the backing track to do the work during some of the more intense moments, I think we'll let them off for now because it all looked incredible.

The staging had 3 levels, and felt very soldier/battle-y, complete with fans, a jeep and the classic stage components of stairs and toasters. I was very impressed, and it was the first shows I'd seen that hadn't left it all to the screens in the background for effect.

A surprise highlight for me were the covers. They covered Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse,' and a medley of Talk Dirty/Run The World/Get Up/Can't Hold Us, which had the whole crowd jumping towards the end. The finale was, of course, Wings, and was the perfect end to the perfect show.

My enjoyment was only hindered by those around me, who failed to get up and dance, or sing along for the first half of the show. It was one of those moments where you were waiting for someone to get up so you could to, but knew that if you'd stand up, someone else would. Ugh, crowd politics. It wasn't until 'Word Up' that the two girls in front got up and had a boogie, and we joined in too.

During one of the ballads, although probably all of them, there was one of those moments where everyone held up a light, and of course I had to take a picture.

I even took a video...

One final highlight for me was, as the crowd waited for the encore, and some left because they legit thought the show had ended, which I suppose you can understand, but I doubt they'd put on a full show without doing Wings, the start of 'Good Enough' played and one woman behind us just went 'YESSS!' Amazing.
2 comments on "Little Mix At The O2 Arena"
  1. This looked like so much fun! So jealous you got to see them live. Hoping I can manage to see them when they get back over to the US in the Fall.
    Sarah x

    1. Ahhh fingers crossed! They have so much energy on stage, you're gonna love it! :D