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04 May 2014
I was tagged by the ever so lovely Chelsea to do the Self Love tag - check out her's here! I barely ever praise myself so this is going to be hard, but I love a challenge...

What’s your favourite thing about your appearance?
My hair, probably. It's the only part of me I spend a good amount of time on when getting ready. I also like my height, but my hair takes the crown - it takes the attention away from my face.

What do you like about your personality?
I like the fact that I'm a bit weird. I'm not too open with it, I keep a lot of it to myself, but I like that.

Tell us something you’re good at:
Twerking - I'm not even joking.

What has been your biggest achievement, over the past 12 months?
It's a bit unorthodox I suppose but saying no to university. I know that I wouldn't have enjoyed it at that point in my life, and I hadn't enjoyed the subject for a good few years, and I knew that it wouldn't be something I stuck with, or would be a waste of 3 years, so I'm proud to say that I made that decision.

What goal are you most likely to achieve this year?
Getting a job. I feel like after months of trying, it's going to happen pretty soon, even if it's not something I want to do forever, it'll be something to make me earn money, and feel better about myself.

Are there any other goals that you think you’ll achieve this year?
Losing weight - the last month or so I've resorted back to old habits but I've nipped them in the bud and will start being active again and bringing better stuff back into my diet. I'm determined to get back into XXL clothing.

What was the last thing that made you feel good about yourself?
The fact that I didn't have a full-on panic attack when I was two rows from the top of the O2 Arena. I nearly had a mini one but managed to stop myself - I felt both very strong and a little fragile.

Have you noticed any positive changes in yourself recently?
I've been a lot more open with people recently, which is something I really should've learnt years ago during my anxiety disorder - but things that have been bugging me, I've told people about. The conversations have been far from positive at times, but the fact they're happening is a positive.

Share something that fits in with the theme of self-love:
Love itself, it's not as scary as it looks...

When was the last time you treated yourself? What did you do, and why?
Just now - I nipped downstairs for a cherry bakewell.

When do you next plan to treat yourself? Any thoughts on what you’re going to do?
On Tuesday I'm going to have a little splurge The Body Shop, Boots and maybe Holland and Barrett. 

Give us a tip for improving self-love:
Don't compare yourself to others, or you'll just upset yourself.

Thanks for tagging me Chelsea, I can't really think of who to tag so I'm going to leave it open for you, yes you lovely person who's made it to the end and is reading this now, to have a go at this yourself - enjoy!
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