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I'm Writing A Novel!

06 June 2014
I've always loved creative writing, and escapism, and whilst I've put my energy into writing blog posts or 'songs,' I've had something on my bucket list that, for a long time, I'd pushed aside, but after joining a local creative writing group and remembering how great it is to write stories, I'm going to go for it...

I've had a basic story planned for a while now, and whenever a burst of creativity would splash into my life, I'd come up with this really great idea and feel all inspired and stuff. Then I'd panic and write it down anywhere... literally anywhere, before I lost my golden little nugget. I've added to my plans over several months, and now I've got a pretty good outline of what I want the story to become.

Some parts of it will reflect parts of my life; things I've felt, things I've seen, things I've experienced, but for the most part I want to take 2 characters and see where I can run with them. I know where I'm going to run with them, but I'm excited for the actual running (insert some kind of self-deprecating fat joke here) and now I'm limbering up.

I wanted to post this today to say that as of about just after half 7, on Friday 6th June, I have started to write my novel. It may not end up a novel, it may just become a short story, it may never get seen or published, but it's happening, and I am VERY excited.

No spoilers at the moment though, sorry. I'll keep you posted though~
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