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Robsessions #1 (June 2014)

04 June 2014
Whilst I enjoy the idea of monthly favourites, sometimes there's an unnecessarily insane amount of pressure to find a whole bunch of new things I've been loving - it was time to pop on the thinking cap and think of a new feature... then it hit me. Rob + obsessions = Robsessions. Genius, right? I know.

Here are a few things I've really been obsessing over recently:

Modern Family

I've just started my Netflix account up again, and used my free trial for LoveFilm, and in the space of a few weeks, I've watched the first 4 seasons of Modern Family. It's amazing. It's got the kind of quirky, not so in your face humour, which I love, and can be absolutely ridiculous at times, which I love more. Sofia Vergara may just be my new favourite person in the world.

Note: this will probably remain my favourite moment.

The Body Shop

Up until a couple of years ago, I had no idea what The Body Shop really sold. When I was younger, obviously my naivety and imagination naturally went straight to, oh, they sell body parts of course. Of course. Then I thought it was one of those weird health food shops or a shop that sold products with animal parts in, but one lonely afternoon in town, I decided to drop in and take a look. I'm glad I did... I'm addicted. The strawberry scented, well, everything, is amazing, and I don't mind spending a bit extra on shower and body stuff when I know I'm going to be extremely satisfied. There's nearly always a sale too so it's always nice to take advantage! I team the strawberry and chocolate shower gels together, and either opt for strawberry body butter or coconut body lotion, and spend the next half an hour or so simply basking in the glory of the scents. Weird? Probably. Worth it? Definitely.

Note: I've just done some serious damage, so I may do a 'haul' type post when it arrives!

Nutri Grain Breakfast Things

I'm currently on a work experience placement, and no matter how much longer I give myself in the morning, Ialways end up with just a few minutes for breakfast. I picked up some Nutri Grain Strawberry Bars and Raisin Breakfast Bakes, and team them with a banana and a glass of milk every morning. They're perfect, and keep me going until the early afternoon.

Note: I am not too keen on several of the other flavours, but that's probably more because I'm a fussy one, so feel free to experiment.

Ella Henderson - Ghost

This song is just... brilliant. Ella was my favourite X Factor contestant back in 2012, and I was eagerly awaiting some original material from her, but whilst the majority went and made a quick album ready for Christmas, Ella held on just a little bit longer. I'm glad she did, and it looks like her management are allowing her to be the artist she wants to be, rare for an X Factor act, and roped OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder (the guy who wrote Beyonce's 'Halo,' Ellie Goulding's 'Burn,' a few tracks from Adele's '21' and Jordin Sparks 'Battlefield' - what a list ey?) in for her debut single. 'Ghost' is catchy, quite relatable, and without sounding too adult-trying-to-sound-cool, is an absolute JAM.

Note: the final chorus in the video, where Ella just struts down a road followed by police cars...

Ice Cream

Cornish, to be exact. I've found myself getting back into ice cream, mainly due to the fact that it was ridiculously hot for about 2 days, and I've been teaming it with fruit and jelly. It's been amazing.

Note: crumble up one of the Nutri Grain bars and mix it in with the ice cream... lush.

Louise (Sprinkle Of Glitter/Chatter)

I've been a bit addicted to Louise's videos recently - as a 21 year old male, I can't say I'm a fan of the beauty/fashion stuff, although I have watched a couple of newer hauls for future present ideas for mum, thanks Louise, but recently I've found myself returning to her channels on a near daily basis and marathoning... marathoning hardcore. It's been great to watch old vlogs from when Louise was starting to become friends with fellow YouTubers, and from when Darcy was months old, to now seeing her hang out with, literally, everyone, and spend time with her, now 3 year old. It's also worrying how fast these 3 years have gone... sheesh. She has a very calming voice, perfect for when you want to relax, her sense of humour is on point, and she managed to get everyone talking about YouTube celebrity culture... *applauds*

Note: watch this, your heart will melt ~

Lily Allen - Sheezus

Ever since Lily Allen announced she was returning, I've been silently fangirling to myself on a very regular basis. Through the John Lewis ad, Hard Out Here, all the way to Sheezus, I've really loved, well, everything.  The album doesn't disappoint either, and whilst some of the lyrics might make you cringe just a little, it's a very solid effort. I love it.

Note: my fave track is still Hard Out Here, but check out URL Badman and Sheezus.

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