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2014 Albums Update ~ Part One

20 August 2014
At the start of the year, I planned to do a review of every album I liked during 2014. So far, it's mid-August, and the tally stands at... 2 albums. I want to get back into it, what with Q4 just around the corner, so I thought I'd do a couple of mega catch up posts, with a short review, and track by track ratings. Let's fill up that leaderboard shall we?

When I heard Lily Allen was making a comeback, I was more excited than I care to admit. She sprung the John Lewis ad surprise on us, then caused controversy with her honestly quirky Hard Out Here. The new material has taken on a more maturer side, with some heartbreakingly honest lyrics from the rougher points of Lily's life, and some carefree loved-up tracks that leave you feeling pretty damn happy. It's probably my favourite effort from Lily so far, and I hope she continues doing what she best, and doesn't announce another retirement. You can't do that to me Lily.

Sheezus 8.8/10
L8 CMMR 9.3/10
Air Balloon 9.1/10
Our Time 7.2/10
Insincerely Yours 8.3/10
Take My Place 8.1/10
As Long As I've Got You 8.7/10
Close Your Eyes 7.9/10
URL Badman 8.5/10
Silver Spoon 7.7/10
Life For Me 8.5/10
Hard Out Here 9.6/10
Interlude void
Somewhere Only We Know 9/10

Overall: 8.51/10

Ever since they broke through with 'Brokenhearted,' and their 'Hello' EP, I've been waiting for a full album from pop duo Karmin. Boyfriend and girlfriend Amy and Nick started out doing covers on YouTube, some of which proved very popular with 10s of millions of views, but it's the original material that has really hooked me. Full of interesting production, Amy's quirky little raps, and some seriously catchy hooks, 'Pulses' takes you through the Pop spectrum. There are urban influences, disco influences, power ballad influences as well as just pure old-fashioned pop. Amazing.

Geronimo Intro void
Pulses 9.2/10
Acapella 8.7/10
I Want It All 9.4/10
Night Like This 8.1/10
Neon Love 8.3/10
Drifter 7.8/10
Tidal Wave 8.6/10
Gasoline 7.7/10
Puppet 8/10
Hate To Love You 9.5/10
Try Me On 8.8/10
What's In It For Me 8.2/10

Overall: 8.53

After celebrating her 25 years in the business with her last effort The Abbey Road Sessions, which saw Kylie switch up the production on some of her biggest hits, she has returned to form with Kiss Me Once. The electronic-pop sound Kylie is known for, as of recent, has been brought into 2014 for her latest album, the majority of which still have that classic Kylie stamp. The only downside is that whilst there are indeed some strong tracks on the album, none of them really seem like they'll be chart-successful, as demonstrated with Pharrel-produced 'I Was Gonna Cancel' which missed the Top 40 earlier this year.

Into The Blue 9.3/10
Million Miles 8.1/10
I Was Gonna Cancel 8.8/10
Sexy Love 8/10
Sexercise 8.5/10
Feels So Good 7.8/10
If Only 7.6/10
Les Sex 7.5/10
Kiss Me Once 8.9/10
Beautiful 8.7/10
Fine 7.3/10

Overall: 8.23/10

Honorable Mentions

One 8.6/10
I'm A Mess 8/10
Sing 9.2/10
Don't 9.3/10
Nina 7.7/10
Photograph 8.5/10
Bloodstream 7.4/10
Tenerife Sea 7.1/10
Runaway 8.3/10
The Man 6.5/10
Thinking Out Loud 8.9/10
Afire Love 8.7/10

Overall: 8.19/10

Always In My Head 8/10
Magic 8.7/10
Ink 7.6/10
True Love 8.3/10
Midnight 7.9/10
Another's Arms 6.7/10
Oceans 7.1/10
A Sky Full Of Stars 9.3/10
O 7.7/10

Overall: 7.92/10

Money On My Mind 8.8/10
Good Thing 8.4/10
Stay With Me 9/10
Leave Your Lover 7.9/10
I'm Not The Only One 8.3/10
I've Told You Now 7.8/10
Like I Can 8/10
Life Support 6.8/10
Not In That Way 7.5/10
Lay Me Down 7/10

Overall: 7.95/10

Nasty 9/10
Lay Me Down 8.9/10
Break Up Song 7.7/10
Champion 8.7/10
Kill A Man 7.9/10
Ain't Got You 8.5/10
Heart Cry 9.5/10
Ocean 8.1/10
Raise Up 8/10
Bang 7.5/10
Leaving You 7.2/10
Cry And Smile 6.7/10

Overall: 8.14/10

Talking To Ghosts 7.7/10
Youth 8.9/10
Holding Onto Heaven 8.4/10
White Coats 7.9/10
Let Go For Tonight 9.2/10
Night Glo 7.4/10
Night Owls Early Birds 8.2/10
Glorious 8/10
Echo 9.3/10
Shaking Heads 7/10
Count The Saints 6.5/10

Overall: 8.05/10

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