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2014 Albums Update // Part Two

29 August 2014

Probably one of my most anticipated albums of the past year, and with a title that notes both Cher's disappearance from the UK music scene, and the delay of her albums, 'Sorry I'm Late,' is a perfect collection of pop. It comes across a little too bubblegum at times, but is broken down with a couple of honestly heartbreaking ballads and enough hooks to ensure that at least one of the songs is stuck in your head at any given moment. Believe me. Although she's grown and matured, it feels like too much of a transition from her debut, which packed much more edge, and variation. Still, it's great.

Just Be Mine 7.4/10
Bind Your Love 9.6/10
I Wish (Ft. TI) 8.2/10
Sirens 9.3/10
Dirty Love 7.9/10
Human 9.1/10
Sweet Despair 8.3/10
Killin' It 9/10
Goodnight 8.8/10
Alone With Me 9.1/10

Overall: 8.52/10

Ever since they burst into the charts with the rebellious 'Trouble,' I've been very excited by Neon Jungle. I love a good girl group, so I was watching very closely, and it just so happens the next 3 singles were absolutely brilliant. I expected a lot from the album on the back of it, and was a little disappointed to find only 6 tracks - that didn't even come close to the singles, but still enjoyable nonetheless. One of them was also a cover.

Braveheart 9.1/10
Welcome To The Jungle 9.6/10
Trouble 8.9/10
Louder 9.5/10
Can't Stop The Love 6.5/10
Badman 8.2/10
Sleepless In London 7.4/10
Waiting Game 8/10
So Alive 7.9/10
Fool Me 7.5/10

Overall: 8.26/10

It's a bit of a shame that this has been rushed out, as it can only mean one of two things when it comes to the world of pop - either they're splitting up, or they're doing badly. Both seem pretty feasible, but on the flipside what a collection of singles it is. I, honestly prefer the newer, more dance-y material to their older stuff, but even then the older stuff is still pretty damn good. The new tracks are incredible and catchy, something sometimes pretty rare for a greatest hits collection, and I can't wait to see them done on tour.

What About Us 8.1/10
Higher 8.5/10
Ego 7.8/10
All Fired Up 9.3/10
What Are You Waiting For 9.6/10
Up 8.1/10
Forever Is Over 7.7/10
Issues 7.3/10
Disco Love 8.6/10
Notorious 9.1/10
Missing You 8/10
Work 7.9/10
Not Giving Up 9.7/10
30 Days 8.2/10
808 8.9/10
Gentleman 7.1/10
If This Is Love 6.7/10
Walking Through The Desert 9.5/10
My Heart Takes Over 6.9/10
Just Can't Get Enough 8.4/10

Overall: 8.27/10

Chandelier 9.2/10
Big Girls Cry 8.5/10
Burn The Pages 8/10
Eye Of The Needle 8.3/10
Hostage 8.8/10
Straight For The Knife 8/10
Fair Game 6.8/10
Elastic Heart 8.2/10
Free The Animal 7.5/10
Fire Meet Gasoline 7.7/10
Cellophane 7/10
Dressed In Black 7.9/10

Overall: 7.99/10

Cruel World 7.2/10
Ultraivolence 8.5/10
Shades Of Cool 8.7/10
Brooklyn Baby 8.1/10
West Coast 9.1/10
Sad Girl 7.7/10
Pretty When You Cry 7.5/10
Money Power Glory 8/10
Fucked My Way Up To The Top 8.3/10
Old Money 6.7/10
The Other Woman 6.2/10

Overall: 7.82/10

Wild Heart 9.3/10
Last Night 8.2/10
Somebody To You 8.5/10
Can We Dance 9/10
Girls On TV 7.7/10
Risk It All 6.8/10
Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) 8.1/10
Another World 8.6/10
Move My Way 7.5/10
Shout About It 7.8/10
High Hopes 7/10
She Was The One 7.4/10
Dangerous 6.9/10
Lovestruck 8.2/10
Smile 7.9/10

Overall: 7.93/10

She Looks So Perfect 8.6/10
Don't Stop 9/10
Good Girls 7.9/10
Kiss Me Kiss Me 8.5/10
18 7.2/10
Everything I Didn't Say 8.3/10
Beside You 7.5/10
End Up Here 8/10
Long Way Home 7.1/10
Heartbreak Girl 7.7/10
English Love Affair 6.8/10
Amnesia 8.1/10

Overall: 7.89/10

Walk The Line 8.2/10
Don't Need Y'all 7.4/10
100 7.3/10
Change Your Life 8.8/10
Fancy 9.2/10
New Bitch 8.3/10
Work 9.5/10
Impossible Is Nothing 7.1/10
Goddess 7/10
Black Widow 9/10
Lady Patra 6.4/10
Fuck Love 7.5/10

Overall: 7.97/10

Intro void
Problem 9.2/10
One Last Time 9/10
Why Try 8.5/10
Break Free 9.6/10
Best Mistake 7.5/10
Be My Baby 7.7/10
Break Your Heart Right Back 8/10
Love Me Harder 9.3/10
Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart 7.9/10
Hands On Me 6.3/10
My Everything 6.9/10

Overall: 8.17/10

Marilyn Monroe 8.3/10
Brand New 7.5/10
Hunter 6.9/10
Gush 8/10
Happy 7.2/10
Come Get It Bae 7.8/10
Gust Of Wind 7/10
Lost Queen 6.4/10
Know Who You Are 7.3/10
It Girl 6.8/10

Overall: 7.32/10


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