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Byron Burgers // Grub Crawl

02 September 2014

Last week, whilst in Westfield White City, we decided to give Byron Burgers a try. Now I'm a very fussy eater, and not the biggest fan of burgers but I genuinely really enjoyed it. Saying that, my burger was literally the meat, bun and some lettuce, but the meat was cooked to perfection and the bun wasn't too crispy. All in all, pretty damn good.

Our waiter definitely earned his tip. He was very chirpy, and I mean very chirpy; even carrying stacks of used crockery to the kitchen, he had a massive grin on his face, and would constantly check to see if we were happy or needed anything. It was both lovely and scary.

The chips were nice. They played their part well.

The highlight though was the chocolate milkshake, which tasted just like melted chocolate ice cream - a big thumbs up from me. I loved the large metal cup it was presented in, and you really got a good substantial amount of milkshake. Well worth the money. Well worth going again just to get another. Well worth buying chocolate ice cream just to melt and put in a metal cup to feel even a smidgen of the elation you felt back in that moment. Well wor-I'll stop.

My only complaint was the fact that they didn't have any vinegar. Tut tut.

I enjoyed my meal but obviously ordered a little too much, but hey - at least the stick was supportive...

Cheers lad.
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