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03 September 2014
The last couple of weeks I've been splurging on things for my bedroom, and decided to try out some new 'beauty' products along the way. Along with a few other random purchases, I thought I'd show you lovely reader some of the great stuff I've picked up...

This collapsible set of 3 boxes is £9.99 from Argos, and are actually a bit bigger than expected. I love the designs, although was surprised to find they are a dark brown as opposed to the black online.

I have some new bedding on the way, and just bought some simple grey pillowcases (2 for £2.50) from Argos and a black flat sheet (about £6 I think) to go with it.

If I could, I'd have bought about 20 cushions from Ikea but settled for 2 yellow, blue and greyscale semi circle print (£9 cover, £2.50 inner) and 2 orange and greyscale geometric print (£3 cover, £2.50 inner) cushions. I love both of the designs, and the colours compliment my ideas very well - I'm very excited.

When it came to wall art, I wanted something colourful and dare I say... cool. I saw this set of 3 posters in Ikea, which I was surprised to find were only about £6-7 and picked up 3 different coloured frames (about £4 each.) Paris and New York are two places I'm desperate to visit, and I live in the outskirts of London, so they seemed very apt. Plus I love the cityscape designs.

I thought these wider straws would be perfect for homemade milkshakes and smoothies - gone are the days of struggling with blockages.

I can never go into town without picking up these candles from Poundland. Unfortunately there were only 2 left so I couldn't stock up, but they smell great, and last longer than you'd think.

I'd run out of hairspray, and thought I'd go a bit wild and try out some new products for my hair. The got2b blasting freeze spray is essentially just hairspray, but I was drawn in by the bright yellow. I know, I'm easily pleased. The VO5 products were on sale in Boots, so I went for a mattPaste and [freezeSpray] which is more of a watery spray, which intrigued me - I've got some experimenting to do...

Oh and I picked up a new face wash. I'd always seen the BullDog brand but never got round to trying it. I will keep you updated.

I've been trying a range of different products the Fruits collection from Wilkonsons since it launched, and picked up some more shower gel and body scrub in orange and lime. Everything in the range is 3 for £3 so I picked up some hand lotion for my mum. I also picked up Lynx Rise uplifting shower gel to complete the little citrus collection I had going on - the citrus scents always help me wake up in the morning, and make your bathroom smell great for the next couple of hours. Wilko also has a new Skin Therapy range which I thought I'd try out now that I'm trying to take more care of my skin, and started out with some face wipes.

I took a little trip into a sweet shop and wanted to tick off a couple of things on my 'Try These US Sweets' list. Unfortunately they didn't have any Junior Mints but I found these Milk Duds (which were £2.99, eeshk) which were lush.

Stationery/desk wise, I bought some selotape and a selotape holder, for the simple reason that Christmas and a few birthdays are coming up, and I get more annoyed by selotape-related wrapping dramas than I care to admit. I also picked up some more whiteboard markers for £1 and saw this yellow memo block in Ikea which looked pretty cool.

Finally I stocked up on gift wrap... you know, just in case.

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