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I Bought More Things...

13 September 2014
I've been slowly adding bits and bobs to my bedroom decoration, but a trip down Oxford Street the other day turned into a bit of a splurge-fest. Here's what I've picked up for my bedroom, and few other random little treats!

I've been eyeing this clock up every time I've gone to Tesco. I love the retro theme, and the colours are, dare I say, beautiful. Also, ice cream's cool, so that's a bonus. Every now and then it would drop in price a little, and I'd have a little battle with myself trying to figure out whether I needed it or not. Turns out I did, and it had gone down to £7.50 online in the clearance. Well played, Rob.

I'm really fussy when it comes to bedding. If I'm going to be wrapped in something for 5-8 hours a night, it's got to tick all the boxes. Luckily this one I saw in Wilkinsons goes with the colour scheme of the room, has a cool geometric pattern and was only £9 - bargain.

I also picked up this jar from Tesco. I don't really know what I'm going to do with it. I had an idea of creating a sweet jar, full of a mixture of sweets, or even just stick to Smarties or Skittles... hmmm, too many ideas, too little time.

Whilst looking for paint in B&Q, I had a quick look in the home decor department, and saw this photo frame for £10. I like the different sizes going on, and never really have any photos on display, so this is a little kick up the arse to start doing that...

This is a gift box, but I love the design, and I'm considering using it as a kind of bedside box or box full of essentials, like mini first aid things, keys, change, remotes, mints, headphones and chargers and all that kind of stuff. If not, I'll find a use...

I bought this striking black and yellow magazine holder to put my most recent paperwork in. Things like letters, magazines, receipts, notebooks, leafle-apparently this post is me just listing relevant items...

I made my first ever Primark purchase on Thursday, and it all came from the home dept. I bought a laundry hamper to stick somewhere, and a dark grey throw to use in the winter. It's very soft. I rubbed it on my face many times in the store... no regrets. I also picked up a candle to try... I've got a bit of an obsession with vanilla at the moment, and the other fragrances were a little bit too feminine, so I thought I'd start off lightly with just the one candle.

I have pen holders, but I have too many pens, so I bought this cool pencil case to shove some in. How freaking cute,

I'm trying to slowly make my shoddy book collection a lot better, and started off with these bad boys.

I also picked up a cheap HDMI cable so I can plug my laptop into my TV and watch YouTubers in the size and definition they deserve. I'm also thinking of getting an Apple TV at some point, which doesn't come with a cable, so it's always best to be prepared...

Finally, a few random purchases. I made the mistake of popping inside a sweet shop down Oxford Street, and went a bit crazy. I picked up a few DVDs from HMV to again add to my rubbish collection, and then went to The Body Shop to try the new Body Sorbets, joined their Love Your Body scheme and got a free Jasmine shower gel, which my mum was very happy to receive.

I'm all spent out I think. All I'll be buying for the next couple of weeks will be paint. Oh, and probably food, of course... although that 'candy' probably has enough sugar to keep me going 'til at least November.
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