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Popping My Frankie and Benny's Cherry // Grub Crawl

07 September 2014

Last night we decided to go to Frankie & Benny's for my friend's birthday. I'd never been before, but had heard great things so I was very excited to try it out. We jumped on a bus to Feltham and was greeted and served by a lovely waiter, who had an ever-so-slight lisp and really took care of us for the night. It was pretty busy so the service was a little slow, but you know time flies and all that...

The decor inside was very classic and the red's and brown's really made it feel nice and homely. We had a little booth in the corner, and just had a jolly old time...

For starters, me and a friend shared some dough balls. They were lovely, although I wasn't a fan of the cheese and jalapeno or garlic butter dips - I'm a fussy eater though, everyone else was lapping them up. I'm going to try and make my own version of these at home some time, so wish me luck~

I then opted for ye old faithful - fish and chips. The fish was battered and cooked beautifully, but the chips were a bit of a let down, and I was saddened to find, again, that there was no vinegar. It was very filling though, and for a second I was worried that I'd have to miss my favourite part of the meal... pudding.

Fun Fact: There was barely any friction between my chair and the floor and it was pretty slippery at times, and as I moved at one point I slid a good couple of foot to the side and nearly hit a waitress. If you happen to be reading this, sorry love, I was a bit excited.

I was also a little let down by the chocolate milkshake. It indeed tasted homemade, and wasn't too rich or thick, but the portion size seemed pretty small in comparison to pretty much everywhere else, and it seemed to run out very quickly. Tasty though.

The chocolate ice cream saved it though - it was lush. After a hefty meal and a 30 minute bus journey looming, I thought I'd keep things simple...

2 comments on "Popping My Frankie and Benny's Cherry // Grub Crawl"
  1. One of my friends was just telling me about this place. It looks delicious! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award. The info is over on my blog :)
    Sarah xx

  2. Ahh thank you! I'll do it over the weekend :D and yeah we were sat by the kitchen door so we saw pretty much every meal come out and they all looked ridiculously amazing~