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The Diner // Grub Crawl

13 September 2014

After spending the day down Oxford Street on Thursday, we decided to grab a bite to eat, and took a wander down Carnaby Street. We found The Diner, took a wander inside, and 30 minutes later and a quick trip to the cocktail bar next door, we were seated and ready to devour literally everything and anything,

I really loved the design of the menus, and the Photoshop-lover inside was very impressed with the choice of fonts and colours and everything. I have a deep love of all things retro-looking, so this just gave me all the feels. Compliments to the... designer. 

I loved the lighting outside - my iPod didn't really pick it up but the light bulbs were bright red and yellow, and were a great addition to the very busy street. There was some kind of event going on Thursday night, with a few street performers including a woman on stilts who could give Lady Gaga's wardrobe a run for its' money, who stole someone's pint (I think) and nearly downed it. London, everyone.

See - pretty...

Back to inside, the lighting was pretty dark, which set a nice ambience, and the music ranged from Wheatus' Teenage Dirtbag to Outkast's Roses to Green Day's American Idiot. I enjoyed this a lot.

The lights had a slight geometric edge to them, and again my poor little iPod couldn't pick it up from so far away, and too many people were leaving behind us for me to stop and take a picture. I loved the general decor, and range of different booths and general tables and chairs. Spot on chaps, spot on.

I went for 3 buttermilk pancakes, with maple syrup, and only managed to get through two of them before admitting defeat. This was without a starter, and I didn't even think about looking at the dessert menu. What's happening to me?

I also ordered a side of mash, which went down very well. All day, I'd weirdly been craving pure proper mash, and this just amazing. It was buttery and creamy, and had lovely 'tato lumps in the back and in the front. Check it out!

Bevvy-wise, I went for ye old faithful - a chocolate milkshake. It was lovely. No disappointment, full satisfaction, thirst quenched - job done.

Our waiter was lovely, and whilst my friend did have to wait a long time for his hanger fries (we'd finished by the time they came) the service was great, he kept checking on us every 5-10 minutes, alongside updates on the fries and apologies. After finding an old kids' colouring sheet on our table, we joked that it was ours (LOL right?!!), and our waiter came and gave us an Etch-A-Sketch to play with. Kirstie (@IAmKirstieKins) loved it. They also bonded over studying English-related degrees, it was a lovely moment. Oh, and on the right is a picture of her coke float. I don't like coke, but I had a little taste to see if I could be swayed... nope, still rank. 
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