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The Saturdays Live At Wembley

26 September 2014
thanks to The Saturdays Fansite for the picture
 Last Friday, my friend and I went to the see The Saturdays on their Greatest Hits tour. Our closest date was the SSE Arena (née Wembley) - the first time I'd ever been to this arena, and I was to relieved to have a much quicker, and less stressful journey (it was literally about 23 minutes on the tube) than the O2 (which takes about 2 hours, and is an absolute bitch to get home from,) especially on a Friday night, eeshk.

As we left the station and walked to the arena, there were random people with bundles of merchandise (I checked, it was official) calling out and trying to make sales. It felt a little dodgy at first, and I was 90% sure we were going to be cornered and I'd end up buying something completely unnecessary like a girl's XS t-shirt or something. Luckily, we were fine, but it was so strange to see people, not even in matching clothes, or high vis jackets, or even wearing the merch, just dotted across the path.

My favourite one was a man who was the spitting image of Bob Marley (he had dreadlocks, and the hat and everything) sitting on top of a box, looking through the programme, casually looking up and shouting 'The Saturdays!' in a thick, angry accent every 20 seconds or so, whilst fellow concert-goers also walking towards the arena slowly made their way to the other side of the path - amazing.

Seat-wise, we had a very good view, considering we bought our tickets 2 weeks before, and we got there pretty much on time, so we could see the support acts... all 4 of them. They were all surprisingly good/tolerable, even the duo who turned out to be brother and sister, and claimed their final song was written for their parents - it was a generic dance song about being young and partying...

We were a little worried about the seats in the front 4 rows, as even as it came to 15 minutes before the show started, they were still pretty empty, but we were soon distracted by the fact that Jade from Little Mix had come in and sat in front of us (see picture on the right.) At one point towards the end, after having a couple of beers, and failing at taking selfies, she asked my friend to take a picture of her... what a claim to fame - he held her phone! When she turned to us, and I noticed, I pretty much pulled an amalgamation of every emoji - she saw, I cringed.

Also in our block was Mr and Baby Una - Ben Foden, and Aoife Bell - Una's husband and daughter. Marvin Humes was also joined by Aston to cheer on Rochelle, and the group of elderly people in the front couple of rows of our block, which we were happily surprised to see, turned out to be family - what a block to be in! 

The show itself was great! They managed to fit every song in, even if they shoved 2 of them into a medley with some fan-favourite album tracks, which was also a lovely addition. Mollie managed to tick something off of her bucket list by singing part of Britney's 'Baby One More Time,' and all the big dancier songs were vamped up even more and sounded amazing. All of their vocals were great, even alongside choreography, and the setlist was put together really well, even if the 2 ballads towards the end were a bit of a downer before the encore. Lovely moments obviously, but it damaged the flow just a little. Overall; a big thumbs up.

Highlights: What Are You Waiting For?, Not Giving Up, All Fired Up, Walking Through The Desert, Just Can't Get Enough, What About Us and Notorious (Jade also LOVED this, seriously.)

My poor iPod couldn't handle the lighting and the quality was very poor, but I did take a few videos, two of which I stuck on Instagram... enjoy!

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