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14 Photos That Sum Up Your Life (Tag)

20 December 2014
My good friend Kirstie tagged me to choose 14 photos that sum up my life, and after hours of looking through photos, cringing at hair/clothing/face choices, and getting a little emotional at the memories~ I did it!  Sidenote: I haven't made a graphic for anything in over 2 months so I went a bit OTT with frames. It kind of works, though, right?

I'm going to tag Chelsea, Lucy, Nicola and you, yes you, hello, reading this now. If you've got a blog and fancy taking a photographic journey down memory lane, feel free to give this a go.

1. As a child I was full of swag. Serious swag. Swag, swag on you chilling by the fire while we eating fondue. Swag.

2. This picture is simply to show the height difference in this picture from our Sixth Form prom. Now I'm only 6'5, and a couple of people are crouching a little bit but come on, doesn't that look ridiculous?

3. My two bestest buds. Re-enacting a pretty dark scene from The Kite Runner. Standard.

4. Prom again, and what would be a bloody lovely picture if it weren't for my awkward knees as I crouched down. I never knew I was so aware of my height. 

5. Using the computers in the BBC's Animation department during my GCSEs. After creating a website, graphics for a charity event and an animation for GCSE ICT, my love for it just grew and grew. Plus on that day we worked with a guy who'd done animation for loads of the BBC's children's cartoons - how ruddy cool.

6. Me and my nan. From 1999 (when my mum went into hospital over the summer holidays) to about... a year or 2  ago, I stayed with my Nan and Grandad once a week. They only lived a 15 minute walk away, but it was a nice break from home, and whilst Grandad would watch sports on TV, I'd show my nan all of the cool things I could do on my first phone/laptop/DS.

7. The last time I was in hospital due to my anxiety. I'd fainted in the street last summer, and it was probably the fifth or sixth time of doing so over the year. It's stopped now though, in fact, I've just realised, 2014 could be the first year since 2010 I haven't gone to A&E due to some anxiety related symptom. *applauds self, genuinely*

8. Going through duty free before taking off on our first ever friend holiday last year. We went to Majorca, and it was ruddy brilliant.

9. Apparently, so I've found over the years, my parents were gifted a few photoshoots during my first few years of existence. This is one of the pictures from one, and it's great to see that I was never truly able to work the camera. 'Look cute and adorable!' 'Nah, okay, you just look a bit bored... we'll go with it' *camera flash*

10. A picture from our charity trip to Lilongwe in Malawi, and a group of genuinely lovely people. 3 days in, we were alerted of riots that were taking place in the centre of the town, and were unable to leave our accommodation, but on our last day we were able to visit a local hotel which had a pool, and it was just lovely.

11. The construction hats we used whilst building the house in Lilongwe, we had our names on the front, and it's heartbreaking to look back and know that we could only work 2 of the 6 days we were there.

12. My parents and I on holiday in Cornwall one year. Every year we would stay in the same bungalow for a couple of weeks, where there were horses on the other side of the fence, and it was just a 10 minute walk to Watergate Bay. There was also Sky, so I had the added treat of being able to have the music channels on - this was a big thing for me.

13. I loved primary school. A lot. I had the best teachers, the best friends, and the best uniform - I mean, the picture doesn't do the beautiful wine coloured jumpers any favours at all.

14. Me and my mum. The woman who birthed me. You know how it works. I love her a lot.

Frames from sodust and Bellacrix on DeviantArt
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