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What I Got For Christmas!

30 December 2014

Christmas took a bit of a back seat this year, but I was still lucky enough to receive some pretty amazing presents. A few health issues and obstacles were thrown into the mix during the lead up to the big 2-5, so to make things easier I was given some money from my parents, and Nan and Grandad, prior to Christmas Day, to go out and get a few bits myself. This is what I picked up!

I was in desperate need of some jeans, and picked up some plain black, wine and blue (which I was wearing at the time) jeans for £20-25 each from Jacamo, alongside a very cool polka dot and snowflake printed shirt with a statement pocket, which has already reserved its place in my New Year's outfit - I am far too excited. 

After living off hoodies for the past year, I decided to pick up this navy blue quilted jacket, also from Jacamo. It's not too thick, which was great as I'd planned to rock a festive jumper or two over the festive period, and I get hot easily, and it has a really soft collar - I love it a lot.

I really wanted to try the limited edition Body Shop scents, and picked up a couple of shower gels (in Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry) during a Love Your Body member sale. So far the Glazed Apple is miles ahead, and I'm hoping to pick up a body butter or something before they go!

I also saw this Bulldog set on sale in Tesco for about £13. Complete with Face Scrub, Face Wash, Aftershave Balm and Moisturiser, my face is going to be treated very well in 2015. Well, until it all runs out. I'll let you know how it goes...

I was stuck when it came to calendars this year. All of my favourite artist's calendars were all a little lacklustre, and I felt like I was getting a little too old for them, so I decided to go with this Great British Bake Off one instead. If you're wondering, unfortunately there aren't any saucy pictures of Mary Berry, but each month has a different recipe which looks ruddy lovely.

I love a good stand-up show. I went to see Sarah Millican's show in Portsmouth and it was hilarious, so of course I had to pick up the DVD in HMV. There was a 2 for £20 sale going on at the time, and sat next to Miss Millican (who's now married isn't she?) was Miranda, who's stand-up show was also supposed to be excellent. I love her sitcom, and the show apparently incorporates some of the jokes and references from it, so I'm ruddy excited!

I dropped hints about getting some of the limited edition Quality Street Fruit Cremes for our festive snackage, several times, but everywhere seemed to run out of them very quickly, and alas I was disappointed (and was not spending £4.49 for some in WHSmith.) Imagine my surprise when a little bonus present from my parents turned out to be a load of the strawberry ones, my absolute favourites. My Nan and Grandad also got me a box of Quality Street, which I shared with my parents (aka gifted them with the ones I don't like.) Ahhh, Christmas.

Finally came the staple presents, which always make their way into my life every December - Lynx gift sets. My Nan and Grandad, and Great Nan both gave me a set of Lynx Africa deodorant and shower gel, and it was pretty disheartening to have to give half of them away to my Dad (my skin doesn't react too well to Lynx deodorants, Lynx Dry is fine, and I don't like the Lynx Africa spray scent, but understandably remembering minor details like that isn't the top priority when preparing for surgery, having the flu and stuff, so even receiving this was a lovely gesture,)

I'm very, very grateful for everything I was given, and would love to hear what goodies you received, let me know in the comments!

PS: the Nan I talked about just now is on my Mum's side and is having knee surgery very soon. My Nan, who was in hospital and unfortunately passed away on the 27th, was on Dad's side, and Grandad gave all the grandchildren a little bit of money. I'm planning on putting mine towards flowers for her grave.
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