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A Body Shop Splurge!

21 January 2015
There's only one way to put it really, birthday money + a bloody good Body Shop sale = pure happiness.

I was getting to the point where everything was starting to run out and thought a big splurge was in order. Luckily, there was a 'Spend over £50, save £25' sale, which I took full advantage of, and picked up these special treats...

I was gutted to find that the standard size limited edition Glazed Apple shower gel had already gone, but there were still some small 60mls left. When it came to topping my basket off to make up the £50, I ended up getting 7 - it felt necessary.

I also ordered the fragrance oil to make my room smell as good as my body... moving on...

I treat my hair terribly (hairspray, messing, washing, hairspray, messing, washing hairspray etc) so I thought it deserved a treat.

The humongous shower gels were on sale for £8 so I picked up the big satsuma one, which smells ruddy lovely...

So lovely I got the Body Sorbet as well.

I couldn't not get more of the Strawberry though, the ultimate Body Shop scent. I thought I'd try the body polish too, after really enjoying the Gingerbread one from Christmas 2013.

Can't have enough hand gel.

Finally, I really loved the look of this wash bag, which is a pretty good size and fools everyone into thinking I'm a man with my shit together...

Overall I spent about £30, with free standard delivery. I feel like I'll be spending the foreseeable future just smelling myself... and I'm okay with that.
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