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Childhood Photos, Artwork and Bits'n'Bobs // Throwback Thursday

15 January 2015

Whilst decorating my bedroom, I came across a stash of old photos and 'artwork' from yesteryear, and after my nan's unfortunate passing, we sorted through all of her things recently, only to find even more greatness. I thought I'd collect some of my favourites together and share them with you lovely lot.


These books and magazines are my only real memory of stories. My Nan subscribed to the Storybook books and Stories for children magazines (full of about 6 or 7 short stories with really lovely illustrations) and I bloody loved them.

Fun fact: this fish was made using the foil from a packet of Softmints.

I also had a genius idea to cut things out of a magazine to make this Chrisrmas card more ~real~.

Left: an awful self-portrait I drew in Year 7. Eyebrow game strong?
Right: A magazine I created stealing features and information out of the magazines I liked, adding a whole bunch of clip art and word art over it, and printing it on coloured paper. I mean.

This was the only thing I was genuinely quite proud of in Art. We had templates of American cartoon characters and had to create a collage - I think I did quite well...

As I grew older, I started getting into word puzzles and other riveting activities, and would spend my days creating my own puzzle books on Microsoft Word for people to do. I found a few stray pages lying around that my Nan had actually taken the time to do, bless her.

Finally, I was over the moon to find a folder full of Rugrats Around The World magazines, which was such a genius idea wasn't it?

This may not have been the most interesting post, but I've really enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane. Normal service will resume tomorrow.
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