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Marina and the Diamonds - Immortal // Track Of The Day

01 January 2015
It's about time I started featuring songs again, and this morning I was lucky enough to wake up to this absolute masterpiece sitting pretty in my iTunes library.

After launching her third album campaign, 'FROOT,' back in November, Marina and the Diamonds has been treating us to a 'Froot Of The Month' - a track from the forthcoming album -  every month, before it comes out fully in April. What a love. If you pre-order the album, you'll receive the new tracks (so far) instantly, and with 3 more tracks still to come, it's safe to say I am ruddy excited.

We've already had the wonderfully quirky lead track, 'Froot', and just bloody lovely 'Happy,' but things have been switched up a little for beautifully dark 'Immortal.' Some would say it's Marina at her best, being honest and sharing her feelings about some of the more depressing things in her life - the things that a lot of us can relate to the 29 year old Welsh/Greek diva (See: Teen Idol) - and 'Immortal' is definitely a strong case for that, and a welcome addition to Marina's ingenious discography.

The track sees Marina pondering her own existence and the general nature of life, and is teamed with a simplistically stunning video; featuring home movie style footage projected onto a wall, which essentially shows the circle of life through clips of a young girl dancing and enjoying herself, to older couples dancing together in a room. The footage is also projected onto Marina as she performs the song in a simple white suit. What a great way to kick off 2015:

You can also find the lyrics here.
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