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The Harvester Take 2 // Grub Crawl

20 January 2015
Last night, my parents took me for a birthday meal at The Harvester in Ruislip. After a slightly shoddy meal there a few months ago, I decided it was only right to give them another chance at winning me over... and boy was I won.

2015 has seen me try and adopt a healthier lifestyle, but that all flew out of the window for the night, and I won't lie - I ate a lot. For starters, I went for some Cheese Popits (which were filled with gooey cheese, and teamed with salsa) and took full advantage of the free salad bar. I've also been making an effort to try new foods this year, and instead of opting for my usual cucumber, sweetcorn and bacon bits trio, I went in hard, and even added a bit of a dressing too - 2015 Rob is wild apparently. My favourite discovery from this tantalising escapade was the fact that apparently I now like peppers, cheers taste bud puberty.

The soft drinks machine in The Harvester is also great - you can choose one of the usuals (Pepsi, Coke, Tango, R Whites etc) and then add a twist of Vanilla, Lime, Cherry or... I forget the fourth, and my Vanilla Lemonade was ruddy lovely. If I ever meet the mastermind behind the masterpiece I will shake his/her hand profusely. 

For my main course, I played it safe with Sausages & Mash, in a beautiful onion gravy, and it was delicious. Of course, I teamed this with cheesy garlic bread. Of course. This was my first piece of garlic bread in years as well, and apparently I like it now too. I feel like my taste buds are really finding themselves this year. Good for you guys, thanks for finally playing ball.

Pudding-wise I was going to try and redeem myself just a little, and have the fruit salad, but my order was quickly met with a disappointing 'Sorry, we've just ran out of fruit.' My face was devastated, but my insides were delighted, and I quickly skimmed the menu again and chose the Cake Pops (which came in brownie form, and lemon drizzle, with a few cheeky marshmallows on the side - how bloomin' lovely.) The toffee sauce and ice cream that came with it were lush, and after we paid and washed everything down, I waddled out of The Harvester holding my stomach, a very happy chappie. Well played everyone, well played.

Here's a few more cheeky pictures:

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