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Cheryl - Only Human // Track Of The Day

04 February 2015


After nabbing herself a couple of #1 singles last year with 'Crazy Stupid Love' and 'I Don't Care,' which ended up giving her the 'Most UK #1s for a British Female' title, Cheryl has called upon title track 'Only Human' to step forward as the next single from her fourth solo album.

Described by Chezza Fezza Vezza herself as a personal favourite (same,) 'Only Human' is one of those self-empowerment-everybody-makes-mistakes love songs that would tread carefully along the cheesy tightrope if not for the pretty damn incredible production and the questionably effective layers of robotic tones which, in my opinion, nicely contrast the idea of being human - substance.

The video, which premiered at midnight, sees Cheryl dressed in a few different dresses against a number of landscape-esque backdrops, filtered with light effects, colours, and graphics/video footage. She stands, she sits, she poses, she moves gracefully, and the shots are cleverly edited in relation to the pace of the song; the heavy production of the 'post-chorus-breakdown' causing the shots to become a bit more dramatic and choppy. The second half also has some cool cosmic and glitter-coming-out-of-hand-kind-of-like-those-cursors-you-used-to-have-on-your-myspace-page-but-a-lot-better graphics going on. It's very, very good.

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