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Florrie: Live At The Borderline

01 February 2015

I've been desperate to see Florrie live for years, and with 4 amazing EPs, a string of great singles and a new album on the way, I was ruddy excited to hear her announce a show at The Borderline, an intimate venue that sits just round the corner of Tottenham Court Road.

There was no doubt the setlist was going to be incredible, and we were not only treated to new single 'Too Young To Remember,' but another 4 new tracks that seem to take the electropop/synthy/generally brilliant pop sound Florrie's experimented with over the last few years and blossom towards a more rounded, polished sound. These were contrasted against a number of tracks from her first EP, 'Introduction,' which was a lovely reminder as to why we had all fallen in love with Miss Arnold in the first place.

The Borderline was filled with Florrie's concise yet strong fanbase, and as she came on stage and kicked things off with the brilliant 'Live A Little,' her band elevating the song further, we all knew we were in for a treat. There was more than just standing and singing, as she often took to the drums or guitar to play along with the band, and moved around the stage ensuring everyone got at least some kind of eye contact, even if mine was when I was weirdly holding my lip after sneezing, brilliant.

The show was over before we knew it, but Florrie's encore saw her travel right back to the start with the amazing 'Summer Nights' and her debut single 'Call 911' - it's safe to say we all bloomin' loved it. I was already excited for the first 'Florrie album,' but now, I just can't even. Bring it on!

Here are a couple of clips I Instagram'd:

A video posted by Robert Pask (@robert_pask) on

A video posted by Robert Pask (@robert_pask) on
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