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Marina And The Diamonds - I'm A Ruin // Track Of The Day

03 February 2015

The fourth 'Froot of the Month' from Marina and the Diamonds' long awaited third album FROOT has been premiered, and as expected, it's another good'un.

Miss Diamandis expresses her fears and feelings over how damaging she could be to a relationship in the wonderfully honest 'I'm A Ruin,' and proved yet again how strong her songwriting actually is. The production is slightly stepped up from 'Happy' and 'Immortal' and it's safe to say with every release, I'm growing more and more desperate for the album.

The accompanying videos sees Marina, draped in fabric in a beautiful landscape, fighting against the wind and throwing some serious shapes (not just in the good-dancing way, she seriously does some weird poses quite reminiscent of martial arts and it's great.) The corners of her eyes stand out with a sparkling gold, a nice little contrast from the beautiful colour aesthetic of the video, and whilst it is by far the most cinematic offering of Froot we've had so far, it's still Marina at her rawest. One thing I could live without, is the cloud colour effects, which perhaps may not have the effect they were hoping for, but shoutout to the underwater scenes where Marina is surrounded by jellyfish, and again the colours are great.

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