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Robsessions // January 2015

05 February 2015
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A few days later than planned, here are some of my favourite things from the past month...


I binge-watched the whole first series of The Comeback a week or two ago, and absolutely loved it! It has this really awkward, dry humour, which I love a lot, and stars the incredible Lisa Kudrow - basically it's a sitcom that just keeps ticking boxes. The second series starts soon on Sky Atlantic (edit: it starts tonight, can I hear a 'yas') and I am ruddy excited.

Also, Big Brother has been gripping this year hasn't it? It's been very uncomfortable to watch, what with every episode being 94% full of Perez Hilton and arguments, and it being completely fixed, but I haven't been able to not watch. Parks and Recreation's final season has started earlier this month, and it's potentially been the best yet, which is going to make the finale even harder to cope with. I've got my tissues ready.


I'll be posting my February playlist soon, and top of the list is Ellie Goulding's 'Love Me Like You Do,' taken from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. I've also been loving the songs that Marina and the Diamonds has shared from her new album, and after seeing Florrie live recently, I've gone back and spent a lot of time listening to her old EPs which are just excellent. 

Food and Drink

This month I've really loved orange juice - mainly due to the fact that we're in February now and I haven't had a bad cold or anything at all, just a couple of sniffles. *throwback to every previous winter where I've been stuck in bed for at least a day* It obviously tastes great, but it's given me some much needed Vitamin C and done a great job of keeping my immune system in a relatively good condition. Props to you. Also I've been loving Warburtons' Orange fruit loaf as opposed to regular bread, and it claims 2 slices count towards 1 of your 5-a-day, something I've been very focused on hitting this year. I've also been trying new foods regularly this year, and find myself loving things I used to hate years ago - still no luck on tomatoes, though.


I'm an avid user of hand sanitiser - you don't know what you're touching, and I ordered some strawberry hand cleanser from The Body Shop, which smells incredible. I love their scent anyway, but this is even sweeter and bubblegum-y once you get over the initial second or so of chemicals.

A big shout out to The Body Shop in general, who just seem to take care of every part of my body... apart from the teeth, obvs.

 Miscellaneous bits and bobs include the Chewits 'Ice Cream' scented candles, which you can get from Poundland, wine coloured clothing, and in what may be the randomest thing to feature in my favourites, ever - writing on paper. It feels so much better than typing. I feel very strongly about this.

What have you been loving in January?

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