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My Top Hundred Songs of 2018

06 January 2019

Welp, here we are - the final of my year-end trio, only 4 days later than planned. The last of three shoddy graphics and opinions no-one asked for is a bumper list of singles I've been loving this year. Every year I find myself gravitating more and more towards a full list of pop music, and I'm not even mad - I think it's my brain telling me I need bops as much as I need food and water to survive.

As this is such a long list, I've included them as both Spotify and Apple Music lists below, in descending order, but here are some of my highlights:

The Year of the Comeback

Janet Jackson made her very long-awaited comeback in 2018 with cute little festival-inspired number 'Made For Now' that actually kick starts my top 100, at #100, whilst  Ciara came back out of nowhere, and dropped nostalgia-inducing 'Level Up,' in which it's repetitive chorus takes me back to the days of 'Work' - they even dropped a Missy Elliott remix later on. Ironically, the choreography in the video feels like the Boss Level of Zumba.

Kylie Minogue went to Nashville for a bit and came back as Dolly Parton's cute niece, twice-removed, and sees 3 of her tracks make my list, including feel-good 'Dancing' at #20, and Robyn didn't change a thing, as 'Missing U' felt like something she could've released years back, but still fresh at the same time?

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey became yet another meme with the genius 'GTFO,' and Avril Lavigne recovered from almost dying, and wrote a song about it. 'Head Above Water' is a punchy ballad that features her trademark shouty-vocals, and a lovely little video.

You could also throw Ariana Grande into this category, as everyone waited for her first release in over a year. Each main single (sorry 'The Light Is Coming') has hit my list, including 'No Tears Left To Cry' at #2. She also features on Troye Sivan bop 'Dance To This.'

Justice For Rita Ora?

I've always rooted for Rita Ora - she always seems to find herself on the other end of a professional bitch-slap doesn't she? Bless her. 2017 saw Rita return with a hat-trick of incredible singles, and she started 2018 with the really great Fifty Shades number 'For You,' which featured Liam Payne but shoehorned him as the lead artist I'm guessing to attract more listeners. It's #6 on my list, so get the champers out Rita!

'Girls' was a bit of low moment following what felt like a flawless run, but she followed this with 'Let Me Love You' which she performed on every TV show you can think of, and she really earned that pre-album hit and #83 place on my list.

... (Ft. Dua Lipa)

Dua Lipa has found herself catapulted to the front of the British pop scene following her monster hit 'New Rules,' and her label made a very good decision featuring on both a Calvin Harris and Silk City (Mark Ronson & Diplo) track over the summer, both of which have made my top 10. They are very much basic pop/dance songs, but they soundtracked a big chunk of my year and for that I am grateful - cheers Dua.

Me & U

There have been some great collabs this year, and some that take a few listens to realise their true potential - enter Poppy and Grimes. 'Play Destroy' mashes up a sickly sweet production with hard guitar and is an actual masterpiece, whilst BTS managed to get Nicki Minaj (like it's that hard) on a track so infectious it made its way to #12 on my list.

Little Mix also got Nicki on a track, starting the era with a track ft. rapper, which they usually save for the 2nd or 3rd single post-album, whilst Clean Bandit continued with some great features, including another track featuring potentially my favourite artist of all time, Marina and the Diamonds (RIP), oh and the Despacito guy.

Other greats include Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus, Charli XCX and Troye Sivan and the other Calvin Harris duet with Sam Smith.

A Star Is Re-born

Lady Gaga saw herself return to the top of the UK charts with 'Shallow,' whilst fellow 'A Star Is Born' track 'I'll Never Love Again' found itself onto my work commute playlist, and hit me in the feels every time.

Also in soundtracks, 'All The Stars' from Black Panther finds itself very high on my list, along with the surprise Deadpool track 'Ashes,' by the Lady Gaga fan herself, Celine Dion. Imagine Dragons' cute number from the Wreck It Ralph sequel, 'Zero', also cemented itself as one of the greats of 2018.

Here Come The Girls

Surprise, surprise - it's the females who have completely annihilated this list. 'Janelle Monae' managed to fight the others off to take top place, with the funky 'Make Me Feel,' whilst Paloma Faith's modern day fiesty disco-anthem 'Til I'm Done' sits at #3. Florence and the Machine just misses out on a top 10 placement, at #11, whilst numerous 'indie' acts, including St Vincent, Lauren Aquilina, dodie, Orla Gartland and Allie X all find themselves sitting pretty. 'SuRie' our lovely Eurovision entry also finds herself on my list.


Ask me again in a month and this list may completely changed, but during a vigorous Boot Camp, we got there, and A List Was Born. Is there anything I've missed?

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