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Playlist TOP 10: Let's Hear It For The Girls...

14 July 2013
 2013 is dubbed to be the year of the female comeback. Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are all set to start their long-awaited new album eras later this year. Disney stars Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have all released killer lead singles over the last couple of months, whilst leader-of-the-Disney-pack Britney Spears is soon to release her new cut. Some of my favourite British artists, including Natalia Kills and Diana Vickers, have even been busy making song-based babies in the studio. I could go on, but we'd be here forever...

With that in mind, I thought I'd check out some of the big, summer, female pop anthems coming our way over the next month or two. Nadine Coyle once said to me - 'We girls gonna take control' - little did I know, she was not wrong.

Miley Cyrus seems determined to shake off that innocent-Disney-girl tag with comeback single, 'We Can't Stop.' The days of Hannah Montana are all but a distant memory as Miley protests that she's grown up, and she can 'do/love/say' what she wants to, including partaking in a somewhat adult party. Lovely.  The lyrics may not be the best, but it is almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Let's not even touch on the video - have a look for yourself.

*tapes a massive teddy bear to my back*

Following the epic lead single, 'Heart Attack,' 'Made In The USA' is a fun, upbeat track where Demi declares her undying love for someone - a love that 'will never break,' 'no matter what the people say.' Demi gets to show off her killer vocals in the strong, powerful, chorus and the rest of the song isn't that bad either. There's no video for the track as of yet but check out the lyric video below.

Taylor seems to be experiencing some emotional synaesthesia as she describes her love and heartbreak through a series of colours. The fifth cut from her album of the same name, 'Red' is another country-inspired Swift-style anthem, and the video shows us just how Taylor puts the 'star' in Country/Pop/Add-a-little-bit-of-dubstep-too-now Star, as we see her perform on stage around the world.

Anyone else desperate to see her live now, too?

Delta Goodrem is back with another uptempo smash. Some of you may have forgotten the Australian star, who had a few successful hits back in the early noughties (including one of my all-time faves, Innocent Eyes.) I rediscovered the star last year, as she put out smile-induced 'Sitting On Top Of The World.' Unfortunately, the UK didn't notice, and I'm sad to say they probably won't again, but her new single 'Heart Hypnotic' has the perfect blend of beautiful lyrics and a heavy drop perfect for the summer. The final third of the song seems a little like a different song just added to the end, but the song in whole is a definite addition to the soundtrack of my summer.

P!nk seems to be the perfect girlfriend/wife if she can put up with the knob she describes in new single 'True Love,' the fourth cut to be lifted from the amazing album 'The Truth About Love.' 'Youre an asshole, but I love you' she admits, as she lists her love and hate of said knob in a fiesty track that proves that even years down the line, she's still got it. The fun, quirky song is strengthened further by a feature from Lily Allen/Cooper, and the video is the perfect blend of fun imagery, tour footage, and beautiful family moments.

After her stint on The X Factor USA, fans and stans alike have been waiting in anticipation for new music from Britney Spears. Her new single 'Ooh La La,' a promotional track for The Smurfs 2, is like a blend of 3 different songs, and unfortunately the bridge doesn't seem to fit so well into the rest of the song. That said, it's a fun, cute song that's quite addictive, and the video is just a cuteness overload. Britney looks genuinely happy as she moves around in front of the green screen Smurf backdrop and interacts with nothing Smurfette. It's just oh-so-cute, especially the fact that Britney is able to combine her two loves - family and music, as her sons make an appearance in the video too.

After several demos and tracks have leaked over the past year or so, fans of The Vickers have been eagerly waiting and praying for something official - and our prayers have been answered, and answered very well at that in the form of her new single 'Cinderella' - which is an absolute #tune. (Yes, the hashtag is necessary.) This pop masterpiece sees the former X Factor star take inspiration from the classic fairytale as she sings over a cracking pop instrumental, and the result is just... amazing.

'Whenyareadycomeandgetehh' sings Selena, over a bhangra-inspired beat. A big shift in musical direction from the pop perfection she created with 'The Scene,' but still amazing nonetheless. It seems like Miley isn't the only Disney girl who's grown up, as the sexually suggestive track sees Selena offer someone some, erm, thekthy time. On reflection, it comes as no surprise that the song is rumoured to be originally intended for Rihanna, but Selena makes it work, and works it good.

Standing out from the upbeat/uptempo tracks in this list, is Natalia Kills' 'Saturday Night.' From the title alone, you may expect some kind of party anthem, but it is the complete opposite. 'Momma you’re beautiful tonight, movie star hair and that black eye,' she sings, as she starts her story of heartbreak, and putting on a brave face after seeing her mother abused. A powerful instrumental teamed with Natalia's powerful vocals and lyrics, gives you 'all of the feels,' and the video is the perfect accompaniment - just painfully beautiful. I also dare anyone to not 'aww' at Bubba Kills at the end of the video...

I'm a little bit addicted to this song at the moment, getting a little friendly with the repeat button on YouTube, but can you blame me when Ellie Goulding's put out such a summer smash. 'Halcyon' was one of my favourite albums of the past year, and leading it's impending re-release is 'Burn' - which sees Ellie's trademark voice meet great lyrics and an even greater production to create a lovechild worthy of a repeat, or twenty. Need proof?

Case closed.
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