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Pockets, Lock-it, Polka Dot It...

06 July 2013
Country fivin' hip hop hip. I'm afraid this has nothing to do with the Hoedown Throwdown, sorry Miley...

After getting a job, and receiving my first proper paycheck at the end of last month, I'm finally in a place where I can update my wardrobe a little. I'm a big guy so finding clothes that are my size, affordable and are somewhat trendy is hard. I used to play it safe with blues and stripes but thought I really needed to branch out with the kind of stuff I wore.

Notice the ridiculous amount of white, blue and grey... and the fact that I'm quite the hoarder...

I'm not really that insecure about my weight aesthetically, but it really was hard finding stuff that I liked and could afford. I was either still at school and/or unemployed and my main, if not only, source of new clothes was Christmas and my birthday, where my dad would give me a limit to spend and I could really go wild and get stuff. The rest of the year I'd save up pocket money, jobseekers or any money I'd been given from family to buy a couple of odd tshirts here and there.

Last year I saw an advert for Jacamo, who supply a range of sizes from XS - 5XL, and are relatively affordable. I wasn't confident enough to try new things so I opted for simple tshirts and polo shirts that were either plain blue or striped or just something in my comfort zone. Fastforward to this year though, and it's a whole different story.

I started off trying this Label J Polka Dot Polo Shirt and felt so different... word of warning don't move around too much 'cause it hurts your eyes a little

The day before I got paid I saw there was a big sale on, and spent my lunch break, and a couple of hours when I got home, just scouring through everything on the website. I made a note of what I wanted and added them to my basket, ready for purchase the next day, but as soon as it hit lunchtime and I went to pay, I thought to myself - nope, it's all far too predictable.

Unsung Hero Polo - link || The Aztec Polo is no longer available but there is a tshirt substitute

I emptied my basket and started from scratch, this time only going for things I would never normally wear. There seemed to be a noticeable trend in the t-shirts, and I found myself wanting to experiment and push myself (yolo) with different styles. I started really loving the whole contrasting pocket thing, and this trend soon became a running thread in the tshirts I chose.

Label J Polo Print - link || The Label J Crew Neck Sweatshirt is currently on sale with 50% off

This polo shirt and jumper, both printed with the same heart and key pattern, really stood out and are probably my favourite items that I bought. I've never had an elbow pad before so that's quite cool, and the key feels quite sentimental in a weird way...

Label J Anchor Print Shirt - link || Label J Dip Dye Print TShirt Long - link

Finally I went for a couple of nautical items. My bedroom's main theme is quite nautical so these jumped straight out at me. Both are things I definitely wouldn't wear normally but the red printed shirt is quite flattering for someone of a bigger size and fits very nicely. The blue ombre tshirt is very different, but I love it - it has a harsh fade from light to dark which is very effective. The anchor print is quite infectious and I kind of need a lot more anchor paraphernalia in my life now.

It's weird for me to think just how seriously I took this shopping 'adventure' when before I'd simply buy the tshirt if it was blue or white and in my size. Growing up I've found that the way you look can really affect you, if I wore a plain tshirt and didn't do much to my hair, I'd feel quite plain all day. Stripes would give me a boost, but now with these more 'exciting' tops, they really make a difference. Anyone else find that?
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