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The A to Z of Me (TAG)

05 July 2013
Well, here we go, the awkward first post. I thought the best way to introduce myself would be through a challenge-inspired tag so let's crack on with the A to Z of me.

Anxiety: Starting off on a bit of a low note, I suffer with anxiety. It comes and goes (quite regularly at the moment) and I had a very rough patch at the start of last year where I was constantly anxious about my health and a whole load of other stuff, we'll touch on that another day...

Big: I'm a big guy, I'm 6'4" and have a belly and moobs and all the rest of it but I'm pretty confident in myself and have learnt to stop caring about what other people think (which was VERY hard.) I like to think it's all part of my character though.

Creative: Although I studied subjects like Maths, Chemistry and ICT, I like to stay creative and write things and make graphics (you'll probably find that I'll start to bombard posts with images I've made) - I feel like you need to keep your creative juices flowing, no matter what profession you're in, as it keeps things interesting.

Dreams: I dream a lot - both while I'm asleep, and during the day. Since the start of the year especially, I've remembered a lot of my dreams - they're the usual mix of nightmares, ethereal tales and general random nonsense but they all seem to have some kind of meaning/relevance to my life and they're proof of just what your mind can create.

An amazing dreamcatcher given to me by an amazing friend for my birthday this year. <3

Escapism: Sometimes you just need to get away from the world and all of its stresses - I like to do this a bit too much. When I was younger I would play The Sims for ridiculous amounts of time, and even now I find myself on role-playing games online. Even small things like watching a vlog of someone on YouTube takes me away, you feel like you're their friend and you're going along with them on a mini adventure (when really they probably don't even know who you are.)

Family/Friends: Ahhh, my friends and family are my life; I seriously have no idea what I would do without them. I've always been an only child and my friends really are that missing part of my family. They never fail to put a smile on my face, and they've helped me so much, even sometimes without knowing it, <3

Giggly: My sense of humour is pretty bad - I laugh at nearly anything, no matter how unfunny it is. I'm even the guy who laughs at his own jokes... but in my opinion, if you can't make yourself laugh, you'll find it hard to get over things.

Happy: Believe it or not, I am really happy. Everything is going pretty well, and apart from a couple of drawbacks (which could be a lot worse) I am very content with life. I get really excited by the littlest of things and something ridiculously small (like having a 5 minute chat with a friend on Skype) can really brighten my day.

A present from a great friend at Christmas... who knew a quote on a mug could be so inspirational <3

Isolated: I tend to stay a little isolated, but it goes a little hand in hand with the escapism. I can spend a whole night, after work, up in my room just doing little things, keeping myself occupied (don't be rude now). I'm also quite isolated with my feelings, I'm a bit of a closed book and if the words aren't practically fighting to get out then they just stay there.

Job: I've finally got a job, and I love it! It's only a temporary position before I go to university, but I spent my whole gap year looking for work (and 6 months unemployed through the job centre). It's amazing how grown up you feel when you have things like your own work email, or you go for lunch with work colleagues. It's an immense feeling.

Klutz: Yup, I'm clumsy. Far too clumsy. Nothing serious ever happens though so that's a plus! On the other hand, a pair of my old school trousers suffered ripping in several areas (ranging in intimacy), paint powder dropped down them and being caked in mud. That pair was a trooper. Never forgotten x

Lucky: A complete flipside to the last one but I'm pretty lucky. I'm lucky for what I have and I'm generally quite lucky in the random irrelevant parts of my life (I won the bingo on the last night of our holiday etc.)

Music: I love music, so much. I'm part of far too many fandoms, and playlists can go on forever. Music can evoke the strongest of emotions, even if the lyrics have no meaning, the instrumental can lift you or break you. I love finding new music, and artists that haven't been given their shot yet, and following people's journeys.

My ridiculous collection of singles from the mid-noughties... Woolworths £2 singles were my weakness

Numbers: I like Maths. Please don't throw things at me. I'm going on to study Maths (by itself, eeshk) at university so I'll be bathing in a metaphorical sea of numbers, and probably crying 'cause they're not making any sense. Joy.

Observer: I like to watch things, and people. Not in a stalkerish way...

Perfectionist: I'm not a perfectionist for everything, but there's certain things that I need to get perfect or I will scrap them completely...

Quiet: I'm generally quite quiet, especially when I first meet someone, or if there's more than say 6 or 7 of us, I don't really know why... I'm a little shy. (Ooh that rhy

Robert: Woo that's my name... I actually quite like it. You could make about 5 nicknames from it without really thinking about it.

Shy: Adj, see: quiet.

Thinker: I think about things a lot, even stuff which I really shouldn't. I'll end up getting further away from a solution than before, but on the other hand it has helped me make some pretty substantial choices in my life. It's also probably one of the reasons my anxiety gets so bad...

Unique: No, not the awful Glee character, I'm just very happy that I am yet to find someone who is a lot like me...

VS: I don't like comparing myself against other people...

Water: I find water very relaxing. On holiday I spent at least an hour just in the sea, and it felt amazing. It's almost as if for that moment, all of your worries get washed away with the waves and even hearing the rain makes me feel calm. Saying that, if I'm outside and it's tipping it down, that isn't very relaxing...

The minute I stepped into the sea on holiday... taking my ipod to the sea was a bit risky on reflection

Xs: I am a very inconsistent kisser when it comes to texts so if you randomly get 3 I'm sadly not in love with you but if you only get 1, or even none, I'm not mad at you, here's one just in case - x.

YouTube: I spend more time watching YouTube videos than I do watching TV. There's a much stronger connection, I find, and it's free (apart from the premium channels you have to pay for and to be quite honest who really wants them?)

Zero: I couldn't think of a good Z so zero is the amount of time you have left to read the rest of this- ah too late.

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