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Doritos Grinder-mahgerd.

06 July 2013
There's something I found online which has literally changed the way I look at food and life itself. Something so amazing, I don't even know how I survived without it for 20 years.

I present to you... the Doritos (or pretty much any kind of crisp you want) Grinder. OOFT.

Look at it, in all its glory. It's such an easy process too but here's a step-by-step guide on creating your new kitchen-buddy.

1. Buy a cheap grinder/mill on eBay. I got mine for about £2 but if you want to splash the cash then feel free...

2. Get a bag of Doritos and crush them up into smaller pieces, like you can see above.

3. Put them in the grinder/mill. Twist the bottom part and you'll see little flecks flying out and the start of a brand new love story...

That's pretty much it. I go for the Cheese flavour but there's nothing stopping you experimenting with other crisp-based alternatives. Go wild!

I can't take the credit for this idea though - I was watching Hannah Hart's 'My Drunk Kitchen' series on YouTube and saw Tyler Oakley use his... look at it though... and then I saw someone else's on Tumblr and instantly thought 'yup, I've definitely got to get in on that.'
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