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A Meal Of Two Halves

12 September 2013
... those two halves being really good and really, just terrible.

Last night we journeyed into town for a farewell meal, to wave off the university goers before they embarked on one of the most important, exciting experiences of their lives... otherwise known as Freshers' Week. We went to The Slug and Lettuce, a restaurant/bar chain - a place we'd only been to before for pre-drinks (and then only because they had 2 for 1 cocktails) and whilst I left full and not feeling ill, I'm still relatively undecided on my satisfaction.

I didn't go for a starter but ended up sharing some of Kirstie's (off of KirstieKinsBlogs) nachos. Of course, fussy old me doesn't really like any of the random toppings and opted for the plain nachos at the bottom... nom. They were very salty, but very very good. After a few I thought I'd go wild, leap out of my comfort zone and try some of the dip and stuff on top but nope, not for me I'm afraid. *hops back in to comfort zone*

My fish and chips on the other hand, wow. It's very rare for a restaurant to get the fish, chips and peas right at the same time, but the fish was cooked brilliantly, and the batter was crispy, but melted in your mouth ever so slightly. The chips were perfect, and the peas were peas. I like to drench my fish in vinegar so I kind've stunk out everywhere in a 50cm radius for a little while, and I don't care for tartar sauce so unfortunately that was shunned. It was amazing, though.

Unfortunately there was no happy ending. At the start of the meal, as we scoured the menus waiting for the last of our friends to arrive, me and my friend Daniel were very excited about dessert. I have a sweet tooth, a very sweet tooth and this dish just jumped right out at us. It was described as a cookie cup, full of brownie pieces, marshmallows and chocolate covered honeycomb, with a scoop of ice cream. For £4.95, I wasn't expecting a giant Pizza Hut cookie dough dish, but I was very underwhelmed at the size of it, as well as other things.

The cookie wasn't soft, and was very dense. There were 3 small pieces of brownie, which only tasted chocolate-y thanks to the sauce, and literally 1 marshmallow. The chocolate honeycomb was disguised well and I nearly broke a tooth on one piece which wasn't fun, for the rest of the night... but the ice cream made up for it. I'd eaten it first though so it was a bit of a steep decline... oh well.

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