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Pumpernickels // Grub Crawl

28 September 2013

Whilst in town today with a friend, we decided to try out a place called Pumpernickels. After a quick Google, I was very surprised to find it wasn't a big chain with a big website, which is a shame as it is ruddy good. Dubbed by their Facebook page as a 'wafflier,' it was only right that I tried one, and opted for the Chocomellow waffle.

It was amazing. Just, amazing. The texture of the waffle was perfect, the chocolate sauce wasn't too sickly, and who doesn't love a good marshmallow? It was also very filling, and only cost £2.75.

This was my view.

My friend opted for a Prawn-Mayo topped jacket potato which looked lush, but had too much mayo. Apparently it was buttered too, which is always a bonus, and a lot of people forget, let's be honest.

Me being so into my waffle, forgot to take a picture of his Oreo Milkshake, oops. *slaps wrists* but here's the menu, packed-full of goodies...

This was the best of 5 attempts of me trying to take a subtle picture of the shop, please hold your applause...
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