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REVIEW: Little Mix - Move

23 September 2013

After spending the summer making a name for themselves all over the world, and constantly teasing us about their new highly-anticipated sophomore album, Little Mix are back with a bang... and a whole range of ridiculously amazing sound effects.

On one hand it's a little hard to believe that the random noises and 'clacking,' which play a very prominent role in the beat to new single, 'Move,' were done by the girls themselves in the studio, but on the other hand, it's also very easy to believe it too. 'Move' sees the Little Mix girls step into the cooler, more R'n'B sound they've teased us with over the past few months...

It's almost as if they've taken all of the good bits from the girl-groups of past and present and spread them all onto a song-based slice of toast, with their own special twist. The old-school Destiny's Child/TLC style of well-harmonised sass and the British originality stamp of Girls Aloud/Sugababes in their prime have been brought up to date with a bonkers production as they use melodic peer pressure to get someone to dance, because they want to dance, and to be honest... so do I.

My personal favourite part of the track is the build-up to the chorus where a post-tonsils Perrie belts out that she'll 'be waiting for you' and she 'ain't dancing with no-one else' - I'll take that offer Pez. The guy's clearly mental for turning it down, even after the girls demand that 'when we move, you move.' The final minute of the track, where everything is cranked up a notch would be perfect with a slightly bigger chorus. but apart from that... it's just perfect.

Much like when 'Wings' came out last summer, 'Move' feels fresh and original for both the girls, and the current music scene. Their vocals are on point, and the song feels like a giant finger to anyone who said they'd barely make it past the first album. Shame on you people, shame on you.

Overall: it's pretty damn good. Good job girls!

You can listen to 'Move' on Soundcloud HERE.
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