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46 Things The Kids Of Tomorrow May Never Experience

21 September 2013
I've had a few nostalgic conversations with a few of my friends over the last few weeks, looking back on things we used to love and hate as kids, and realised some of these things that played such a massive role in our lives, may never be experienced by kids growing up today, and the kids of the future. It made me a little sad, if I'm honest. Here's a list of the things we managed to come up with...

Saturday morning TV. I doubt kids will want to wake up early to watch how to cook a fancy meal, all that seems to be on in the mornings now are cookery shows. The same goes for after-school kids TV - who didn't love coming home to watch Andrew and Angelica on CBBC? Now it's just quiz shows, yay. Another highlight was quite simply BBC2 at 6pm. A lot of my friends and I vividly remember the amazing line-up of The Simpsons, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Malcolm in the Middle/My Wife And Kids every week night - those were the days. I'm also still really bitter Top of the Pops was cancelled.

Woolworths. I know it's still on life support online, but the shop was just amazing. The infamous pic'n'mix and the £2 CD singles I used to stock up on (post coming soon.) Kids will barely even experience CDs, let alone casettes. Never will a kid have to worry about a tape coming lose, and have to shove a pencil in it to twist it back into place. Never. They'll never have to wait until their favourite songs come on the radio, to record them onto the cassette, and end up cutting some of it off, or having a DJ talking over the top. This also leads to VHS tapes, which, much like casettes, you had to rewind to play again, and always worried whether you'd record over anything important.

Dial-up. The fact it cost about 10p a minute, or cheaper if you used it after 6pm, the fact you couldn't go on it if someone was on the phone, the fact you had to plug it in, the noise as it connected. Oh god, the noise when it connected...

Tom from MySpace. Even if you didn't have any friends, you always had a friend on MySpace. I'm happy to know he's still on the social networking site, now as just a regular user, but still has that iconic profile picture. Also, remember when Bebo was a thing? Sticking to the online communication sort-of topic, RIP MSN. The emoticons have stayed in our lives and evolved, but the winks will live on as distant memories - also, remember when nearly everyone had Comic Sans, bold, as their font, and everyone had their own colour?

Nokia Phones that were just, so indestructible. Nowadays, everyone seems to have something wrong with their phone, but back in the day it was much simpler, just a simple green screen with black text, and games such as Snake. Being on PAYG and having to spend 12p on a text, with a fiver to last you the month. Also nowadays they don't really need to play outside, or have a non-internet-slash-phone-based social life because everything's just on their phones...

It also saddens me that they may never know the joys of Word Art. The tool that made our posters, presentations and homework at least 10 times cooler, which just isn't the same with the newer versions of Microsoft Word. Also, being able to use the excuse that you don't have the internet, seeing as you can find free wi-fi anywhere now. From Starbucks, to libraries, to McDonalds. Speaking of McDs, the birthday parties used to be incredible...

There's several others including having to go and get photos printed to see them, not being able to delete selfies, only having 5 channels, teletext, having nine planets (poor Pluto), trying to find the toy in your cereal, cinema tickets not costing a tenner, turkey twizzlers and other awfully good school dinners, bad special effects, growing up with a massive TV series such as Friends, growing up with a massive book/movie series such as Harry Potter, not having a blue Smartie, being taught by teachers who aren't 21, having to actually roll down a car window, TY Beanie Babies, playing conkers, knowing when Czech Republic and Slovakia were one country and those late-night rip-off quiz shows that gave you £3000 for naming a type of cheese...

Those really were the days...
2 comments on "46 Things The Kids Of Tomorrow May Never Experience"
  1. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I want to comment about each and every one thing on this list cos it's so true and sad! I freaking miss woolworths, it was the highlight of my home town. I actually have an indestructible phone now similar to a nokia (only cos my iphone got stolen...) but it's a samsung...not quite the same. And I am on horrible PAYG :( it truly sucks... Macdo's birthday parties were daaa onnee same with pizza express pizza making parties!! I miss cereal toys, what was the point in stopping that?! Seriously WHAT WAS THE POINT?! Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter. BEANIE BABIES <3

    Love your blog dude, excuse me while i stalk every post you've written...xo

  2. Haha aww thanks! I had such a good day making and writing this it was ridiculous :P Ooooh that's annoying about your phone, that must really suck, especially payg :( Yesss, I know, even like the free CDs you'd get were still amazing, sort it out Kelloggs.

    My dad's got a collection of like 150 beanie babies but I don't know where they are haha, the only one I've got, I ripped the 'ty' tag off of it cause I just hated tags and now I'm like oh it's worth nothing, haha.

    Thank you, that's very kind! I hope you enjoyed that stalking or I'm just a pretty shit stalkee :P Do you have a blog too?