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#FriendFriday - I Test Daniel On His Pop Music Knowledge

15 November 2013
Friend Friday is back! Whilst I give you a minute to calm down, I'll explain today's edition. Daniel is a massive music fan like myself, so I thought I'd put his pop music knowledge to the test via a Skype conversation!

Daniel will be starting his own blog very VERY soon too, finally, which I'll link you to asap, you're going to love it!

Here's a transcript of how it went...

1. Sit back down on the couch where we made love the first time and you said to me
Woo hoo, woo hoo.
How bad is it that I had to think about that? Flop stan.
(Lady Gaga - You And I)

2. 'Cause when I look in the mirror. I don't even recognise myself
Omg, I need a second... I've got the eyes of the winner? No, wait that's wrong isn't it?
It's close enough haha... got the heart of a winner
Haha, wrong body part :P
(Dappy - No Regrets)

Leader of the pack get on the track, swing your bat and don't look back
Baby in the corner learning quick, keep up, keep up?
Afraid not. Trapped in a tangle, too much to handle, too hot, the pan goes pop
Aw, I didn't think so either xD
I'll give you a point for knowing the song though.
(Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum)

Beauty queen on a silver screen, living life like I'm in a dream
 ...I know that I've got a big egoO I really don't know why it's such a big deal thO
Yes. I would've also accepted 'dildo,' haha. That sounds wrong...
(Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna)

I'm a female rebel can't you tell? Bang on the dashboard, just chipped a nail
It's 4x4, and...driving so fast I'm bout' to piss on mahself?
That's half, there's a bit in front
Hmmm, let me try and remember... it's like on the tip of my brain... It's gone.
Lean out the window thats when I yell. 1 point though!
(Miley Cyrus - 4x4)

SCORE: 7/10

Name 5 tracks from Cinderella's Eyes that weren't singles.
Ah Rob, I could do this with my eyes closed :P Fish Out of Water, Gladiator, Take a Bite, sticks + stones...and just because I can haha; I, Everyone's Got to Learn Sometime, Cindererlla's Eyes, (the three singles), and there are two more I'm forgetting aren't I? Damn, um, well there's Fix Me Up, which was a B-Side? And Disco, Blisters and a Breakdown or something like that, and..ah hell, those last two are going to allude me. In the Top 3 best pop albums of the last three years tho...
Yes, I agree! The only one you missed was Porcelain Heart... no bonus points though.

Name 5 Sugababes singles from the Mutya/Heidi/Keisha line-up
Fuck, okay, lemme think. Oh wait Heidi. That makes it easier, I thought it was the original line-up at the first...
Nahh I couldnt even do that.
Too Lost In You, Round Round, Hole In the Head, Freak Like Me...and one more, I want to say Change but I think that was after Mutya left, oh God, umm, okay screw it I'll go with Change
Sooo close
You could've had... PUSH DA BUTTEN
I was gonna use that but thought that was definitely post-Mutya, my Sugababes timeline is all out of whack.

This ones the hardest, maybe... name the 5 lowest charting saturdays singles
Work was like Top 30, Forever Is Over Top 40, umm... okay... lemme think of all their singles..their debut was #8, Up like #5, Issues #3ish, Just Can't Get Enough #2, Work #24ish, Forever Is Over #37ish, Ego #11ish, Missing You #3ish, Higher #10ish, Notorious #7ish, All Fired Up #3ish, My Heart Takes Over Top 30ish, 30 Days top 10ish...then What About Us #1, Gentleman #12 and Disco Love #5? So, after all that haha, I guess..
5) Forever Is Over #37, 4) My Heart Takes Over #26, 3) Work #24, 2) Gentleman #12
1) Ego (I think this might be the other way round, either it was #11 or #16?)
You got 4 of the songs right, and the other one of them I'm very 'really?' about.
5) Work - 22, 4) My Heart Takes Over - 15, 3) Gentleman - 14, 2) Higher - 10, 1) Ego - 9
Forever is over was #2 hahaha.

SCORE: 13/15

_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _  / _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Oooh okay... A, O, S, I, R, E
_ I _ _ _ E / _ I _ / _ O I _ _ / _ O _ _ E _ E
Oh damn, this is going to be hard. Okay... it might be... Little Mix - I can't think of the song.
Do you want another letter?
_ I _ _ _ _ / M I _ / _ O I _ _ / _ O _ _ E R E
Okay, I'm stumped xD I don't want to give up, but I''l have to haha
Haha aww... Going Nowhere

2. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Okay A, C, M, S, R, I
A _ _ A _ _ A / _ A _ _ S / _ I _ _ _ R I C _
Okay, this is still hard, I think I discovered tonight that I've lost my magic touch at Hangman... Azealia Banks... fuck.
Want another letter?
Um, I'll go for G
I guess for the second time in a row, I give up.
It was, Liquorice.
Oh ffs, Daniel what are you doing? xD

SCORE: 2/8

1. Which Girls Aloud song has a video set in a casino?
Love Machine?
Nope, guess #2 for 1/2 a point
Wake Me Up? I can't even remember the video for that, so I'll just go with that...
Haha I'm afraid not, it was I Think We're Alone Now, Wake Me Up had the shoddy motorbikes...

2. True or False? Little Mix were put into 2 separate groups before becoming Little Mix?
It's true.

3. How many parts were there to Electra Heart?
Okay, so there was F&L, Radioactive, Primadonna, Homewrecker, Power & Control, The Archetypes set to State of Dreaming, the State of Dreaming proper, Lies, Starring Role (I think, maybe not), how to be a heartbreaker, E.V.O.L., Electra I'll go with 12 *chews fingernails*
I'm afraid that is wrong, 2nd guess...
I'll go with 11 then, couting out Starring Role

4. How many singles did Katy Perry release from Teenage Dream (and the rerelease?)
Nope, 2nd guess...
Oh shit, yeah I forgot The #1 That Got Away, I was just thinking of the 5 No.1s from one album thing... so 8

5. How old is Rihanna?
I think she's the same age as my brother, so, 25?

6. Which Gaga track peaked higher in the UK - Hair or Marry the Night?
Umm... didn't Hair peak at #12? And Marry the Night #16? So..I'll go with...Hair...?

7. Can you name one of the 2 artists who turned down the hit PCD song Don't Cha?
Lol okay...Brintey Spears? Jessica Simpson? I have no idea tbh
Nope, Sugababes (ikr) and... Paris Hilton.
To be honest, that would have probably suited her...

8. Britney has only had one single that missed the UK top 20, but stayed in the top 40 - what is it?
Oooh, hmm.. Gimme More?
2nd guess?
Break the Ice
Nope it was... Til The World Ends - #21 smash

9. P!nk has managed to peak at every consecutive position between 1 and what number?
It's 13, no joke haha. I feel like thats a great little useless nugget of info to have...

10. What happened to Leona 'Leonard' Lewis at that signing that time?
YES, what an ending to the quiz, huh?

SCORE: 4/10

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