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So, Lily Allen's Back...

12 November 2013

So this was a big surprise that brightened up a fairly quiet Tuesday. After making a casual comeback to the world of music via this years' John Lewis Christmas Advert, and cockteasing us for months about a potential/definite return to music, Lily took to twitter to tease #HOH.

#HOH turned out to be this masterpiece - Hard Out Here - which is a middle finger to the expectations of a woman, which continues into her hilarious parody of a video which is packed full of nods to the likes of Robin Thicke and... most rappers who stand by a car with a bunch of near-naked girls. *waits for all of the controversy*

Let's be honest, the UK nearly broke down at the thought of censoring Britney's latest cut, so I dread to imagine what'll happen to this, but, in brief, Lily Allen is back in the music game and I couldn't be happier.

On first listen, I'd give it a 8/10 but it'll be a 9 before we know it.
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