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12 November 2013

It's been a long time coming but Lady Gaga has finally released her 'album of the millenium' - ARTPOP. We've gone through many lyric teasers, many promotional images and many lengthy snippets. Not to a mention a special look into the heart of ARTPOP through the frankly, brilliant 'Swinefest' a couple of months ago. No-one really knew what Gaga was going to bring to the table - what she was going to sing about, how it would sound, how she would look - all we knew was, it was going to be good.

There's no denying Gaga knows how to write a good pop chorus, and she's done so in plenty on her (technically) fourth collection - whilst exploring a number of genres and styles. Her ARTPOP really could mean anything - there is a wide range of styles, but they all seem slightly coherent, if not a little forced together. Even so, no song sounds the same as before, and with an impressive 15 tracks, Gags will sure be stuck for ideas for singles. Here's a one sentence track-by-track review...


The aggressive lyrics matched with the amazing production, as after the chorus we build up to a brilliant washboard-esque drop - it's just going to sound amazing in arenas. 9.7/10


This will also be amazing in arenas, and feels like the sequel to Marry The Night, it'd be a great single, hint hint. 9.5/10


A great album opener with the Wild-West style introduction, an angsty verse and powerful chorus - the final instrumental part is brilliant too. 9.3/10

Sexx Dreams

When I lay in bed I touch myself and I think of you - same Gaga, same. 9/10


Still sounds amazing, slightly surprised to find it has one of the more complex productions. 8.8/10


The rockiest song on the album, packed with the biggest punch, the lyrics sound a bit too simple and immature but the song just sounds amazing. 8.7/10

Do What U Want

It's very cool, very chilled with a great message that may not be obvious at first... 8.4/10


It really could mean anything... amazing title track though, with some nice simple yet complex production. 8.2/10


I think I keep comparing it too much to I Wanna Be With You, but it's still a great ballad, the only ballad, packed full of emotion. 8.1/10


It's growing on me, slowly, but a definitely well-structured song. 7.8/10


It's just chorus after chorus after chorus - crazy but amazing, especially as she produced it herself. 7.5/10


The pre-chorus/chorus/post-chorus combo is genius and potentially my favourite part of the album, it also feels very retro. 7.4/10

Jewels N Drugs

Gaga goes urban, with the help of a couple of rappers - it's good but not a style I'd like her to stay  in, if I'm honest. 7.1/10

Mary Jane Holland

It's good, I'm hoping it's going to grow on me... 6.8/10


I don't know, it just doesn't click that well with me.6.1/10

1. Little Mix - Salute - 8.73/10
2. Icona Pop - This Is - 8.31/10
3. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP - 8.16/10
4. The Saturdays - Living For The Weekend - 7.99/10
5. Union J - Union J - 7.78/10
6. Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne - 7.77/10
7. Katy Perry - Prism - 7.75/10
2 comments on "REVIEW: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP"
  1. Gypsy is my fave!! Its a must on a night out, such a good tune!
    Beyond Bally.

    1. Isn't it just? I can imagine such a psychedelic video for it, hopefully it's a single!