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REVIEW: Little Mix - Salute

11 November 2013

I'll be honest, a month or so ago I was a little worried about Little Mix's new album. The thought of the album sounding more mature, with a lot more R'n'B thrown in, originally put me off a little, as it is the poppier moments of DNA, their debut album, that really stand out for me. There was also the potential second album syndrome that many-an-artist, especially X Factor artists, suffered from, as they came back with a second album which, well, just wasn't very good, and didn't do very well. On reflection, there was nothing to worry about and I feel like a bit of a knob.

'Salute' feels like a very natural progression from their debut - the harmonies are tighter, the lyrics seem more personal (the girls co-wrote more of this album which is always a plus) and the production is more complex. They've found their sound already. a nod to old school R'n'B, something very rare for a modern day girl group, and they've run with it, offering us a collection of sassy numbers of boy troubles and girl power, heartbreaking ballads and of course a couple of inspirational tracks. It was as instant as 'DNA' and honestly feels like something that's missing from mainstream music at the moment. As always, here's a 1 sentence track by track review...


Probably my favourite single of the year, packed full of Little Mix goodness - you only have to read my review to see how I feel about it to be honest. 9.8/10


There is a very strong collection of ballads on the album, and Towers really does lead the pack - plus they sound great, and the production/final chorus is just brilliant. 9.5/10

Little Me

It's like this era's Change Your Life, but even maturer, plus part of it sounds like a song that I love but can't remember which is a little frustrating. 9.4/10

About The Boy

It feels very retro, and is very good and all of that but I feel like I can only talk about that Perrie note, followed by the sigh of relief - I wouldn't expect anything else from a Little Mix classic. 9.2/10


The siren that lets you know that Little Mix are here with the added, dare I say, 'girl power,' and an amazing post-chorus, culminating in something pretty darn good. 8.9/10

These Four Walls

It's just heartbreaking, the girls are at their most vulnerable, and it sounds even better live8.8/10

Good Enough

Yet another amazing ballad, a good one to belt out in the shower... I imagine... 8.6/10

A Different Beat

The marching band style and lyrical themes from Salute return for this amazing closing track,  complete with another addictive chorus/post-chorus combo. 8.5/10

Mr Loverboy

It has a retro feel, is very laidback and cool and is a good one to get changed to... I imagine... 8.2/10

Nothing Feels Like You

The anthemic chorus, and fiesty verses are just brill, if not a litle simple, I wouldn't recommend it as a single - the instrumental is really fab, though. 8.1/10


It's great, but again it definitely feels like an album track with some great production and a warning to any man that they will win any competition (anyone else feeling a little nod back to The X Factor?) 7.9/10


You know it's a great album when the lowest rated track is as good as this - the first minute is acapella genius, with some real old-school melodies and a much-needed throwback to the earlier Destiny's Child material. 7.8/10


1. Little Mix - Salute - 8.73/10
6. Katy Perry - Prism - 7.75/10
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