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You've Been Framed... Finally...

21 November 2013
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, I got a large photo frame which I'd planned to fill with a very artistic collage or a cool poster, or something. Time passed, and I just forgot. I hung the frame up because it was in the way, and hoped it would be a constant reminder to do something, and after a few months I just considered keeping it there, imagining that the ironic text saying 'Photo Frame' inside could be artistic in itself, and lead me on to a life of hipster-appreciation and living in Starbucks...

This morning, I had a brainwave. I bought a multi-picture frame thing from Wilkinson a couple of years ago, which was in a cupboard somewhere and was looking at some postcards I'd got on holiday a few years ago, which I'd just sporadically blu-tac'd to my wall, and to be completely honest, a masterpiece was formed.

I used sticky labels to attach the postcards to the paper frame, so that, if I fancied a change, I could then take them off without causing some kind of selotape-related massacre in the process. I'd also had these sticky labels for about 4 years - back when I started sixth form and I thought a roll of 500 labels was a necessity.

It's given me an urge to do this with some more postcards I've got lying around, as I aim to start de-cluttering my bedroom. The photo frame was only 2 or 3 pound in my local discount store, and as I click Publish on this post, I'm already eyeing up the eBay link in my Bookmarks to buy, probably, ALL of the postcards, and spawn some new members of the Frame family.

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