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Argos Lang Syne

03 December 2013

The last few years, my parents have given me a budget to go and buy my own Christmas presents, and today I found myself just casually scrolling through the Argos website to see if any of their home range caught my eye. It reminded me of what seemed to be a tradition for my family every Christmas...

Whenever it got to about mid-November, everyone would start to ask me what I wanted for Christmas and, to be honest, every year I just had no idea. That's when it would happen... one unexpected November night, my Mum would come towards me holding a hefty block of what seemed to be, quite simply, Christmas magic. That hefty block... was the Argos catalogue.

I don't remember quite when it started, and I don't really know when it ended, but every year we'd slip into the same routine of me just simply picking things out of the Argos catalogue. Even after a few thorough reads, and even a desperate skim through the jewellery and *shudders* garden sections, nothing would stick out, and I'd sit there staring at a sheet of paper with two catalogue numbers, a small description and the price, ready for my parents to filter out to my family.

Filling the list with enough presents to accommodate everyone was probably one of the most strenuous tasks ever, but it became a tradition, and there's only so many board games you can ask for before the question of when the last time I played one comes up. The worst part was, my birthday was only 3 weeks later...

I thought I'd share this little nugget (a gold nugget at that) to see if anyone else ever had this as a child, although I doubt it - I wasn't a very exciting child at all. Nothing changes, ey? Haha.
2 comments on "Argos Lang Syne"
  1. It was all about circling the things you want in the hope that it would influence santa if they decided to look through the family catalogue. Loved Argos so much as a kid I ended up working there for five years before going back to University. Haha.


    1. Ahh see we weren't allowed to draw or write or anything on ours, so a formal list it was. Haha yeah, 'Santa sees everything... you don't have to write to him,' - what a cop out.

      Oh wow, as a child I'd always wanted to work in the warehouse and just surrounded by toys and things...

      Sidenote, just checked out your blog and I loove it *follows*